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The Entertation Index: May 9

May 9, 2011

Canalis, Elisabetta – George Clooney’s girlfriend recently posed nude for PETA, saying that “Doing PETA’s campaign has always been my dream…This is the best reason why I get naked in my life.”  We appreciate the sentiment, but can’t we agree that that is maybe the second-best reason?

Link: Canalis Sans Clothes (Huffington Post) (Slightly NSFW)

Most people would feel like this after making out with Natalie Portman.

Hemsworth, Chris – The Australian actor portraying Thor in the movie of the same name insists that kissing Natalie Portman on set isn’t terribly romantic.  His indifference was proved false when he retreated to his trailer after those scenes to “practice his hammer-wielding.”

Link: Hemsworth & Hammer (Moviefone)

Idol, American – The popular singing competition show has come under fire for trying to pass off as live some obviously taped and edited footage of a Jennifer Lopez performance.  For shame, American Idol, for revealing the shocking news that some stuff on TV that they say is real is really fake!

Link: The Lopez Lie (Gawker)

McCartney, Paul – The ex-Beatle and girlfriend Nancy Shevell have gotten engaged.  Rumor has it that Sir Paul won’t seek a pre-nup since, with two people in love, what could possibly go wrong?

Link: McCartney Engaged (People)

Wars, Star – The Blu-ray version of all six Star Wars films debuts in North America on September 16, 2011.  By watching the first three episodes, fans will get to see what actual poop looks like in super hi-definition.

Link: Blu-ray Star Wars (Toronto Sun)

White, Betty – After giving him a bit of a hard time for asking the question, the Golden Girl tells David Letterman that she still goes on dates.  She just loads up on Boniva beforehand.

Link: White Dates (CBS)

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