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The Entertation Index: May 12

May 12, 2011

Corgan, Billy — The former Smashing Pumpkins bandleader has reportedly already written three hundred pages of his new book God is Everywhere, which he describes as a “spiritual memoir” and a “very interesting take on my personal life and my band life.” You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the books in their library, and my guess is that if you have God is Everywhere on your bookshelf, what that says about you is that you own every book every written, no matter what it is.

Link: Billy Corgan to Release “Spiritual Memoir” (ContactMusic)

Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my okra face.

Gaga, Lady — The eccentric songstress has announced her plans to use Facebook’s “Farmville” application to release new tracks from her album Born This Way to her fans. Which means finally you can sweep two of your most embarrassing habits under the rug at the same time: playing Farmville and enjoying Lady Gaga. Just know that the first time you send a message of “<Name> needs your help to get a geometric headdress made of bone!” to a regular person, your cover’s blown.

Link: Lady Gaga on Farmville (EW)

Jackman, Hugh — Wednesday saw the release of a new Hugh Jackman drama about a down-on-his luck guy trying to find a way back to success, bonding with a son who wants to believe in him, and trying to find a way to support his family as a respectable man. Oh, yeah, also it has ROBOTS PUNCHING EACH OTHER. You know, I’ve always said that if it had punching robots, The Color Purple would be a best picture academy award winner right now.

Link: Hugh Jackman in “Real Steel” (The Independent)

Kiedis, Anthony — Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis has announced that to raise funds for the disaster-stricken areas of Japan, he plans to donate his MTV Europe Award. This is truly inspiring, and should serve as a lesson to all of us: even $1.75  can make a difference in the Japanese earthquake relief efforts, so please give generously.

Link: Anthony Kiedis to Donate His MTV Award to Benefit Japanese Red Cross (Starpulse)

Recall, Total — As director Len Wiseman gears up for his upcoming sci-fi epic Total Recall with star Colin Farrell, actor Ethan Hawke has also joined the production. This whole project seems odd to me, as if it’s already a memory I have. Hmm…Total Recall…rings a bell….oh my god, I’ve been strapped into the Rekall machine the whole time! Give deez people eeyah! 

Link: Ethan Hawke Joins Total Recall Remake as Someone, Probably a Character (AV Club)

Warburton, Barbara — Barbara Warburton, a member of the Parents’ Television Council, has spoken out against animated juggernaut Family Guy for “leading toward the destruction of morality” — and yet also happens to be the mother of Patrick Warburton, who is actually a voice actor for the show. Though Warburton says she has nothing but love for her son, she feels he “wants to do shows and work with people that offend God.” I think now we know who stole Putty’s Jesus-fish.

Link: “Family Guy” Actor’s Mom Says Show is Corrupting Today’s Youth, Hopes to See Program Canceled (The Destin Log)

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