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The Entertation Index: May 23

May 23, 2011

Aguilera, Christina – The singer and fellow The Voice judge Cee Lo Green finally saw their single “Nasty,” recorded years ago, released online.  Given the song titles from “Dirrty” to “F*ck You” to “Nasty,” computer models predict that the next name of a song from either of them will be “Fillllthy F*cktons of Na$$ty Butt.”

Link: Aguilera + Green Single Drops Online (PopEater)

Cruise, Tom – “Tom Cruise Joins Oblivion” said the headline, and it seemed that Tom was somehow right and swept up in the Rapture and we would all have to recalibrate our entire belief systems.  But Saturday came and went without incident, and it turns out that the headline was referring to the actor committing to a movie.  Sort of a bummer.

Link: Cruise Joins Movie (Huffington Post)

What could be so foul?

Galifianakis, ZachThe Hangover Part II star has forbidden his mom from seeing the movie, saying, “We do things in this movie that no mom should see her child subjected to.”  If she saw the still-photo outtake scenes during the credits from the original, but the sequel is apparently too much, I can’t effing wait to see this film.

Link: Galifianakis’s Ban (EW)

Grammer, Camille – Kelsey’s ex-wife and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has returned to the show so subdued that some people suspect she may be under a gag order regarding her divorce.  Producers of the show are rumored to be so worried that Camille, the source of much of Season 1’s craziness, has become so boring that they have told Camille “she has to start being more interesting and causing more drama.”  Get ready for Round 2, Kelsey!

Link: Good Grammer (NY Post)

Live, Batman – The Caped Crusader will be soon start fighting crime on stage in England.  Batman Live, a $20 million theatre production, will begin a world tour this July in Manchester.  Best of luck to the cast and crew, though it’s doubtful that anything could ever go wrong with high-profile live versions of comic book heroes.

Link: Batman Comes to the Stage (Guardian)

Pitt, BradThe Tree of Life, co-starring Pitt, took the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend.  Good for Pitt, as the guy who seems to have had a pretty crap life finally catches a break.

Link: Pitt’s Film Wins Grand Prize (USA Today)

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