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The Entertation Index: June 9

June 9, 2011

ASL has its hands full.

Gaga, Lady – The Leading Lady of Weird will reportedly learn American Sign Language to communicate better with her deaf fans.  As a result, ASL is currently adding dozens of new gestures to accommodate things like “Poker Face” and “Ale-Alejandro.”

Link: Gaga Learning ASL (The Berry)

Gomez, Selena – The Disney actress has released new single “Baby Baby Baby” that may or may not diss old boyfriend Nick Jonas and praise new boyfriend Justin Bieber:  “My new boy used to be a model, he looks way better than you, he looks way better than you/His love is deeper you know. He’s a real keeper you know./My new boy knows the way I want it./He’s got more swagger than you, he’s got more swagger than you do./He’s not hiding me/He’s showing me off you know?”   What do you think, dear reader?  A dig at old boy, or shitty poem on inside cover of spiral notebook?

Link: Gomez’s New Song (Huffington Post)

Hebert, Ashley  – The Bachelorette describes her dealings with contestant Bentley Williams by saying she felt “betrayed, lied to, made a fool of,” followed by great depths of “hurt and embarrassment.”  This, ladies, is what you get when you associate with a guy named “Bentley.”

Link: Burned by Bentley (People)

Mortimer, Tinsley – The High Society star and wealthy socialite recently broke up with her boyfriend, whom she had moved in with only four months ago.  Oh, and she kept the dog.  And she says she’ll be taking a few trips to Europe this summer with her newfound freedom.  This, guys, is what you get when you associate with a lady named “Tinsley.”

Link: Burned by Tinsley (NY Post)

Timberlake, Justin – The singer/actor talks about his passion for golf as a wonderful teaching aid for life.  He focuses on the inevitable duffs and misses, but more adequate metaphors for Timberlake would seem to be mastering clubs and being surrounded by green.

Link: Timberlake Golfs (NY Times)

Witherspoon, Reese – In her acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards, Witherspoon took aim at those who would become famous through sex tapes or reality TV shows.  After that diatribe, Witherspoon took bold stances against using old people as filler for pet food, and voiced her controversial opposition to puppy-stomping.

Link: Reese Lays Down Law (Monsters and Critics)

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