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The Entertation Index: June 16

June 16, 2011

Hefner, Hugh – Several of Hef’s former girlfriends have called to console him after fiancée Crystal Harris called off their wedding.  Harris probably realized that “’Til death do us part” likely means “by December 2014.”

Link: Hef Wedding Off (People)

Nope, not even this lady.

Lady, Psycho Cat – You do not love cats more than this person.  Even if you have a house filled with them and think that Strays was the most awesome movie ever made, even if you would vote for a cat for president and emperor, even if you want a cat made of cats, you don’t love cats more than this lady.  I don’t even care if this eHarmony video is a fake—no one loves cats more than this human being.  Let’s hope she meets her soulmate.

Link: Lady Loves Cats (YouTube)

Lopez, Jennifer – The American Idol judge is supposedly on the fence about returning for another season.  If she goes, the show’s producers will somehow have to find a replacement from the zillion other fading musical stars who are willing to grasp at last chances for fame by going on a popular reality competition show.

Link: Lopez Leaving? (EW)

Potter, HarryHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the most anticipated anything ever, will be released on July 15.  If you don’t care, realize that businesses will close, interstates will be clogged with hopeful theater-goers, and that the three main players in the forefront of the poster at the link below have made more money off these films than the monthly GDP of some small nations.

Link: HP’s Last Stand (Huffington Post)

Spelling, Candy – The widow of TV producer Aaron Spelling is selling her 57,000-sqft L.A. home, which included several gift wrapping rooms and parking for 100 cars, to downsize to a 15,555 condo in Century City.  Her Spartan new home is rumored to have only 4 Godiva chocolate fountains, and sink taps that issue mere Dom Perignon rather than Chateau Lafite Rothschild.  Things are tough all over, folks.

Link: Spelling Slums (Yahoo)

Timberlake, Justin – He’s dated some of the hottest women in Hollywood, been nominated for acting awards, won Grammys, plays a hell of a game of golf and basketball, been nominated by the NAACP for an Image Award, kills it on Saturday Night Live, and a bunch of other awesome shit revealed in a Playboy interview (SFW).  However, he had beer cans thrown at him after a pretty awful appearance singing “Miss You” with the Rolling Stones at a 2003 benefit concert.  So you’ve got that on him; that is, if you had a pretty great appearance singing “Miss You” live with the Rolling Stones.

Link: Timberlake Interview (Playboy)

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