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The Entertation Index: June 20

June 20, 2011

The noticeably upset ex-fiancee.

Harris, Crystal – Hugh Hefner’s fiancée, who called off their Saturday wedding just days before, spent the afternoon she was to be married at a Las Vegas pool party instead.  It is unknown whether she met John Gosselin there, since attending Sin City pool gatherings is apparently what you do when you split up.

Link: Harris Parties (People)

Hendricks, Christina – The Mad Men actress says that her character Joan Holloway was not initially intended to be sexy: “When we did the pilot, that was not something that we discussed as a trait for Joan. This is something that’s developed…”  Note to casting directors: if you’d like sex appeal not to play into a character, don’t choose Christina Hendricks for the part.

Link: Joan Not Intended to Be Sexy (Parade)

Muniz, Frankie – The Malcolm in the Middle star is now said to be considering a stint in politics, which follows his hiatus from acting to pursue rock-band drumming and racecar driving.  He’s also reportedly going to try being an astronaut, a cowboy, and a “fire-fighter-man.”

Link: Frankie at City Hall? (PopEater)

Palin, Bristol – In her memoir Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol calls her baby-daddy “the gnat named Levi Johnston.”  Scientists are investigating this, proclaiming Johnston the largest gnat they’ve ever recorded, and the only one so far able to impregnate a human female.

Link: Palin Calls Johnston a “Gnat” (International Business Times)

Winehouse, Amy – After she arrived late to a show in Belgrade, forgot lyrics, dropped her microphone, and occasionally wandered away, concertgoers booed Amy Winehouse off the stage.  The local newspaper described the performance as both a “scandal” and a “disaster,” also known as “anytime in the last two years that Amy Winehouse has stepped out of her house.”

Link: Winehouse’s Bomb (Huffington Post)

World, Real – The long-running MTV reality TV show has apparently upset neighbors of the house they’ve procured for Season 26 in San Diego.  Police have reportedly received several noise and parking complaints from folks in dwellings near the set.  To be fair, the ads for purchase or rent of surrounding properties did say, “Property will be bounded on one side by loud, immature, loathsome ‘actors’/media-whores.  Lots of drunken confrontations and glass-breaking, people crying on front lawn at 3am.  Plus, beautiful crown molding.”

Link: Real World Irks Neighbors (TMZ)

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