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The Entertation Index: June 27

June 27, 2011

This galaxy measures three Kardashians across.

Kardashian, Kim – Sister Khloe posted a picture purporting to show an X-ray of Kim’s galaxy-sized butt to prove that it does not contain implants.  Further study of the photo revealed, as theorized, a black hole at the center.  Zing!

Link: Kim’s X-ray (The Superficial)

Lohan, Lindsay – House-arrest test results for the rehabilitating actress reportedly came back positive again, which Lohan explained by saying that she drinks kombucha tea, a fermented drink that contains a tiny amount of alcohol.  She didn’t mention that the tea is usually hidden in a pint of vodka.

Link: Lohan’s Alcohol Test (TMZ)

McElhenney, Rob – The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator/producer/actor decided it would be funny to play his normally fit character as a fat guy, so he gained 50 pounds for the role.  Kevin James, meanwhile, did the same thing because he was hungry.

Link: McElhenney’s Bigger Screen Presence (Screen Junkies)

Segel, Jason – Going the other way with weight, How I Married Your Mother actor Jason Segel reveals in a Letterman interview that the inspiration to get in better shape was a picture of him passed out, bulging gut exposed, chest covered in Taco Bell wrappers.  Letterman commented that the photo looked like “a crime scene,” but he should know that after a night spent gorging on Volcano Burritos, any room—especially a bathroom—will look like a murder scene.

Link: Segel’s Smaller Screen Presence (People)

Shore, Jersey – Though MTV denies it, reports abound that the network will go with a “cheaper” cast of boozing, cursing, fighting, and humping guidos and guidettes for future seasons.  Looks like Snooki, J-Woww, The Situation, et al. will have to go back to their pre-fame lives of boozing, cursing, fighting, and humping.

Link: Jersey Shore Cast Replaced? (Us)

Ugliest Dog, World’s – The Petaluma, CA, contest has produced another Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix champion, Yoda.  TBTS follows this competition closely, and we suggest a separate league for the Chinese cresteds, who have come to dominate the winner’s podium with hideousness.  They’re just too good.

Link: Yoda Wins Ugliest Dog (Yahoo)

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