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The Entertation Index: July 18

July 18, 2011

182, Blink- – Devotees will be happy to hear that the pop-punk band will return in September with a new album, Neighborhoods.  Non-devotees will be surprised that there was such a band, that they gained any popularity, that they lost it, and that they’re “back” at all.

Link: Blink-182 Back (Huffington Post)

Fonda, Jane – The actress took to her blog to denounce shopping network QVC for cancelling her appearance to promote her book Prime Time.  Fonda says the cancellation occurred in response to protests over her opposition to the Vietnam War.  If you have to go on QVC to push your new book, you may want to let something like this fly under the radar.

Link: Fonda Flamed (Jane Fonda)

Does this count as gift-wrapping?

Jenner, Kris – Kim Kardashian’s mom recently underwent cosmetic surgery before her daughter’s marriage, and just unveiled her new face.  Wow, and I thought I was doing well renting a tux for my friend’s wedding.

Link: Jenner’s Wedding Gift (Celebuzz)

Lachey + Minnillo – Pretty people Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo became Nicknessa Lachillo in a “secret” ceremony filmed by TLC.  They ask that you respect their privacy while they tape 15 reality TV shows based on their lives together.

Link: Nicknessa Lachillo (The Stir)

Spell-casting – Paying tribute to the newest (and lastest) Harry Potter film, People put together a video of celebrities revealing the spells they would most want to cast.  Tila Tequila wanted to cast an invisibility spell, which has apparently worked.

Link: Celebs Want Spells (People)

Summer, Wet Hot American – This interview with Elizabeth Banks will add to (or create or renew) your appreciation for her.  Seriously, as Tomlin noted a few weeks ago, you really need to see Wet Hot American Summer if you haven’t already.

Link: Banks on Movies ‘n Stuff (EW)

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