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The Entertation Index: July 21

July 21, 2011

Beckham, David — Since it was revealed that celebrated author Harper Lee was the partial inspiration for David and Victoria Beckham naming their new daughter “Harper,” the Amazon UK website has reportedly seen a 123% increase in sales of To Kill a Mockingbird. The estate of Gustave Flaubert was reportedly saddened that “Harper” won out over the couple’s other choice for a female name, “Madame Bovary Beckham.”

Link: Beckham Baby Name Boosts Sales of “To Kill a Mockingbird” (CNN)

Lopez, Jennifer — This weekend saw the news that singer Jennifer Lopez and her latin superstar husband Marc Anthony would be dissolving their marriage, though the reason why is still only speculated upon. Sources say Anthony will be granted the house and several of the couples’ automobiles, while Lopez will receive all the house’s broken chairs. See, it’s because she has a big butt. ZING.

Link: Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony – A Rocky Road to Their Split? (LA Times)

Morgan, Piers — In the midst of defending himself against allegations that he once was involved in the current News of the World phone hacking scandal, celebrity interview-guy Piers Morgan aired an exclusive interview with comic Tom Arnold on Tuesday night. Because there’s nothing that takes the spotlight of one’s self faster than hanging out with Tom Arnold.

Link: Tom Arnold Talks Sheen, Schwarzenegger on Piers Morgan tonight (Monsters and Critics)

Planet, Captain — The producers of Transformers are allegedly involved in a new project based upon the early nineties eco-friendly cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which you may recall featured a green-haired superhero bent on destroying those who would harm the earth’s resources. The producers announced and waited for the fanboy buzz to begin on who should play who and which characters should be included. They’re still waiting.

Link: A Captain Planet Movie: Are You Guys Sure About This One? (Gamma Squad)

Spears, Britney — Former superstar Britney Spears is lashing out in response to ex-bodyguard Fernando Flores’ accusations that the singer sexually harassed him, used methamphetamines, has hygiene problems and “farts a lot.” “I’ve never sexually harassed anyone or used methamphetamines and I don’t have hygiene problems,” the pop star said as several reporters politely quickly made their exits from the small, poorly ventilated conference room which held the announcement.

Link: Britney – My Ex-Bodyguard’s Lying About Drugs, Farts (TMZ)

"Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!"

Stormtrooper — An Australian man named Jacob French, who prefers to be referred to by his Star Wars stormtrooper serial number — TK-6283 — is planning to walk a 3,100-mile journey from Sydney to Perth, which will cross through the unforgiving Australian desert, in a full stormtrooper costume. The stunt will benefit a charity called the Starlight Foundation and presumably will also lead to the dorkiest case of heat stroke in history.

Link: Stormtrooper to Cross Australian Desert in Full Armor for Charity (Blastr)

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