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The Entertation Index: July 25

July 25, 2011

Cranston, Bryan – The Breaking Bad star appeared on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and “talked crystal meth.”  Um, maybe it’s a British thing, but over here we smoke crystal meth.  And we don’t “blow the pot” either.

Link: Cranston on Talk Show (Huffington Post)

Wyatt Earp & Bat Masterson, about to ride herd on a bunch of gangsters.

Ford, Harrison – Fresh off Cowboys & Aliens, Han Solo is reportedly taking on another cowboy part, this time playing an aging Wyatt Earp in Black Hats.  He will team up with Bat Masterson, his large, hairy, difficult-to-understand sidekick who chews ‘bacca.  (Sorry.)

Link: Ford’s New Project (THR)

Ifans, Rhys – The man who will play the Lizard in the next Spider-Man movie was placed under citizen’s arrest after he shoved a security guard at Comic-Con.  According to the guard, Lt. Andra Brown, Ifans thinks “the U.S. sucks and he doesn’t want to come back.”  Oh yeah, guy with a funny name from the U.K.?  Well Captain America just took down Harry Potter at the box office!  What do you think about that?  USA!  USA!

Link: Ifans Citizens-Arrested (The Wrap)

Kardashian, Kim – The reality TV star celebrated her bachelorette party in Vegas accompanied by her sisters, mom, and friends.  She claims that Khloe kept her promise to embarrass her older sister with wang-shaped accessories and a miniature male stripper.  As of press time, it is unclear whether or not this embarrassed a woman who has had a publicized sex tape, posed for Playboy, and hammed for every camera ever turned in her direction.

Link: Kim Parties (People)

Timberlake, Justin – While at Comic-Con promoting his new movie In Time, Timberlake was asked when he would sing again.  Apparently when he stops being awesome at everything else, which could take some time.

Link: Timberlake Demurs (Celebuzz)

Winehouse, Amy – It would be easy for us to make a joke about rehab (and indeed, many have).  However, hers was a story about a young woman who happened to be both talented and troubled, a story with a very fast and sad ending.  Our hearts go out to everyone who loved her.

Link: Winehouse Dead (Washington Post)

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