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The Entertation Index: August 8

August 8, 2011

Really? You want to mess with this guy?

Ansari, Aziz – One of our favorite actor-comedians had a testy exchange with an audience member who asked him a pretty stupid question.  Ansari fired back a nasty response, which should for the millionth time teach the lesson that you do not jaw with a person whose entire career is based on having a quick, sharp wit.  You wouldn’t start a bar fight with Brock Lesnar, would you?

Link: Ansari’s Exchange (EW)

Apes, Rise of the Planet of the – The premiere of the sci-fi franchise prequel exceeded expectations this weekend, partly due to the mesmerizing motion-capture performance of Andy Serkis as ape Caesar.  People involved with the film said they found the real apes they worked with to be very kind and intelligent, more so in fact than the cast of Jersey Shore.

Link: Rise of ROTPOTA (Huffington Post)

Housewives, Desperate – ABC has confirmed that the eighth season of the popular comedy will be its last.  Guys, with more leisure time and her divorce behind her, Eva Longoria can now keep ignoring your calls and letters.

Link: Desperate Housewives Ending (Deadline)

Piven, Jeremy – The Entourage actor’s niece, Pearl McCay of Will Ferrell’s landlord fame, is pretty unimpressed by her uncle’s fame.  When Piven told her that he played drums while Miley sang at a wrap party, she responded, “She’s a much better singer than you are a drummer.”  Hearing that Miley Cyrus is a better singer than you are [anything] has to hurt.

Link: Piven Dissed (E! Online)

Sheen, CharlieTwo and A Half Men will reportedly explain the disappearance of Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, by having him slip off a train platform in Paris and get obliterated in a “meat explosion.”  Come to think of it, we would be completely unsurprised if this is how Sheen himself met his end.

Link: Parker Checks Out (TMZ)

Steelers, Pittsburgh – Several of the famed NFL team will be extras in the upcoming Batman film Dark Knight Rises in a scene involving, naturally, a football game.  Depending on how things go with the players, it is rumored that the Caped Crusader’s next movie may be The Dark Knight Attacks the 3-4 Cover 2.

Link: Steelers in Film (Post-Gazette)

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