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The Entertation Index: August 11

August 11, 2011

Jaws — On the heels of a particularly wonderful Shark Week last week, here’s the best thing you’ll see today: the Peanuts reimagining of Stephen Spielberg’s timeless thriller Jaws. Enjoy.

Link: JAWS in the Style of Peanuts (Badass Digest)

Lewis, Jerry — In a recent GQ interview, veteran comic Jerry Lewis detailed lurid accounts of his “smorgasbord of sex” in which he was “f**king everyone in Hollywood,” including iconic actresses Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich. So if you’re in Hollywood and looking for “Jerry’s Kids,” I’d suggest checking out any number of mattresses at the historic Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Link: An Interview with Jerry Lewis from GQ’s August 2011 Comedy Issue (GQ)

MTV — The venerable teen network has announced plans to feature a weekly thirty-minute web program centered around the featuring of emerging bands of all musical genres. When asked why this show wouldn’t be aired on MTV’s cable feed, a spokesman for the net laughed: “MTV? Focus on music and new bands? That’s a great one. I’ll have to remember that joke. You’re adorable.”

Link: MTV to Start Webcast Devoted to Emerging Bands (NY Times

Ratings, Television — NBC’s America’s Got Talent continues to pull in mass numbers in the dull doldrums of a hot summer, though Fox’s Gordon Ramsay-helmed Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen proved successful this week for snagging younger viewers. In cable charts, however, TNT cop and medical procedurals The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles remain consistent, both landing in the top five among the coveted “neglected housewives with latent lesbian desires” demographic.

Link:  NBC Snags Most Viewers as Fox Lands Younger Ones (NY Times)

Swift, Taylor — The numbers are in, and pop-country singer Taylor Swift’s tour earnings have officially bumped Sir Paul McCartney to the number two spot as McCartney’s On the Run Tour continues to sell out stadiums worldwide. This sobering statistic only goes to show you baby boomer Beatles fans that no matter how much you’ve gone on to make in your ex-hippie corporate lives as bankers and business owners, that money you’ve amassed is just being spent by your 16 year-old daughter on Taylor Swift tickets. Sorry.

Link: Taylor Swift Bumps Paul McCartney to No. 2 on Summer Ticket-Sellers Chart (EW)

West, Kanye — The controversial rapper has everyone up in arms after an incendiary tweet this week which read “I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I’m Hitler.” This is likely because everyone remembers the time Hitler interrupted an acceptance speech by German opera composer Heinrich Marschner when he felt Friedrich Von Flotow clearly deserved to win.

Link: Kanye West Says People Look at Him “Like Hitler” (SF Gate)

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