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The Entertation Index: August 15

August 15, 2011

Back, Strike – Cinemax recently debuted Strike Back, an action series about a joint British-American special ops counter-terrorism team.  The show’s scenarios will focus mostly on large explosions, and ground-breaking new effects that allow constant explosions and explosions within explosions.

Link: New Cinemax Show (Huffington Post)

Bullock, Sandra – The successful actress (and not even the most recent lady to kick Jesse James to the curb) graces the cover of People magazine with the headline, “How Sandra Got Her Groove Back!”  Hint: it helps to be a good-looking 47-year-old super-rich actress.

Link: Bullock’s Back, Baby (People)

Cruise, Tom – The super-famous actor is putting the pieces together for One Shot, a crime thriller based on a 2005 novel.  Hayley Atwell, Alexa Davalos, and Rosamund Pike are all confirmed to be auditioning for the female lead, named “Woman Whose Purpose Is To Make Tom Cruise Feel Like He’s 29 Again.”

Link: Cruise’s New Movie (THR)

Hogan, Brooke – Hulk Hogan’s daughter posed nude as part of a “Women in Cages” campaign for PETA, which shouldn’t be a surprise since her dad also spent a lot of time in cages practically unclothed.

Link: Hogan for PETA (Daily Mail)

Powers, Austin – The thawed-out British super-spy will most likely be getting a fourth movie, 9 years after the last one.  So much for striking while the iron is hot.  Maybe this means we’ll get another Chucky movie.

Link: New AP Movie? (Deadline)

Bye-bye, Selena Gomez.

Rihanna – The R&B/pop singer will appear in the Peter Berg film Battleship for her first feature role, playing crew member Raikes.  Her most popular still shot shows her smoking hot in uniform and manning a mini-gun, making this fall’s Trapper-Keeper cover stickers an easy decision for middle school boys.

Link: Rihanna in the Movies (UGO)

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