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The Entertation Index: September 1

September 1, 2011

No joke: This photo of a simulation of the Beyonce/Jay-Z baby is currently circulating. I guess collar-popping is genetic.

Boys, The Beach — Fourty-four years after being started and never finished, the Beach Boys’ album “Smile” is set to be released on a two-disc set. It’s perfect timing to cash in on the hot, current trend of teens to date at the malt shop, get married at sixteen and drive their woodies down to the clambake.

Link: Unfinished Beach Boys Album is Set for Release, 44 Years Later (NY Times)

 Beyonce —  Mrs. Jay-Z announced to reporters on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday that she and the hip-hop mogul are indeed pregnant with their first child, as has been speculated for some time. But you know who I feel sorry for? Their second child. There’s nothing special about getting someone else’s diamond-encrusted, golden hand-me-down toys.

Link: Beyonce Announces Pregnancy at VMAs (MSNBC)

Broadway — Hurricane Irene, though perhaps not living up to the cable news hype, certainly took its toll on Broadway ticket sales this weekend as the Great White Way saw ticket sales only grossing $11.6 million, down from the average $20 plus million on any other given weekend. While this was bad news to most theater folk, the producers of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark signed in relief as for one weekend the show wasn’t the biggest-hyped disaster on Broadway.

Link: As Expected, Hurricane Fallout Puts a Damper on Broadway Box Office (NY Times)

Comedy, Improv — While we do like to have a lot of fun on this site, there’s nothing funny about this item: at a recent New York City Improv Festival, a young man took the stage to relate a “hilarious” story which many feel is actually the confession of his rape of an older woman. While the entire improv community is rallying around canning this guy’s career forever, we should all remember that even in this era of pushing the limits of comedy, there’s fine — and legal — line between one person’s “comedy” and another person’s harm. So I’m posting this for you to read just so you’ll be aware of this douchebag.

Link: Is this Comedy Monologue a Rape Confession? (Jezebel)

Shakur, Tupac — Rap crew Young Outlawz, formerly the colleagues of deceased artist Tupac Shakur, have put the “is or isn’t Tupac dead?” debate to bed once and for all by revealing on the website VladTV that they know the star is deceased because they rolled and smoked his ashes. In true Tupac fashion, though, even after all his ashes had been smoked the rapper mysteriously continued to produce more joints.

Link: Tupac’s Ashes Smoked by Young Outlawz (Tupac’s Ashes Smoked by Young Outlawz (HuffPo)

Stars, Dancing with the — ABC has officially announced the stellar cast of its thirteenth season (seriously, thirteen seasons?) of hoofing reality contest Dancing with the Stars. The season, which begins on September 19th, will feature singer Chynna Phillips, Kardashian family patriarch Rob Kardashian, soap star J.R. Martinez and style guru Carson Kressley, among others. In light of this cast announcement, ABC plans to also change the show title to Dancing with Some People.

Link: “Dancing with the Stars” Season 13: Ranking the Competitors (CBS)

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