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The Entertation Index: September 13

September 13, 2011

Creature – Box Office Mojo notes that this newly-released horror movie grossed only $327,000 this weekend across 1507 theatres, averaging just fewer than six people per showing.  Contrast that with Green Lantern, which was enjoyed by just under six people per showing.

Link: Creature Dies (Box Office Mojo)

Kelly, Minka – The Friday Night Lights actress reveals that she made peace with her mother Maureen, who worked as a stripper and was “5ft 11, legs up to her ears, gorgeous,” before Maureen died.  Kelly reportedly used Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” to help work through their issues.

Link: Minka’s Mom (Daily Mail)

Lohan, Lindsay – LiLo’s appearance at Cynthia Rowley’s NYC fashion exhibition nearly caused a riot among the crowd and photographers.  Lohan’s had been allowed to attend the event because her monitoring officer figured there would be way more judgment passed at a runway show than at Lindsay’s parole hearing.

Link: Lohan’s Big Night (NY Magazine)

Martha Marcy May Marlene – Director Sean Durkin is enjoying critical acclaim for his first feature, a Toronto International Film Festival favorite, about a woman who struggles to adjust to life and rebuild her identity after leaving a cult.  Like you in February after football season is over.

Link: Cult Film (Huffington Post)

He's had enough of cancerous assholes.

O’Neal, Ryan – The Irreconcilable Differences actor and player in the Farrah Fawcett end-of-life drama bowed out of Dancing With The Stars ostensibly due to injury, though sources say it was really because he can’t stand being around TV legal scold and DWTS contestant Nancy Grace.  A pity, since with Grace on the show, O’Neal wouldn’t have been the least likable person.

Link: O’Neal Out for DWTS (TMZ)

Riders, Tunnel – It’s been called The Last Airbender meets X-Men and Lost meets We3, but I think it looks more like Care Bear Cousins: Cyberpunk meets The Matrix.  Whatever it is (or ends up being), this animated series starring anthropomorphic cybernetic animals teaming up with a chip-implanted Neo-like young boy has to be a winner.  Get it done.

Link: New Animated Series (io9)

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