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TBTS Reviews: Primus – Green Naugahyde

September 18, 2011

Les Claypool is one of just a handful of bass players that make playing the instrument sound way more fun than it should be, stretching its limits to almost illegal proportions. Forsaking his trademark custom Carl Thompson bass for one of his own design, Claypool is once again frolicking in his own personal playground: recording and touring with Primus. Consequently, fun abounds on Green Naugahyde (ATO/Prawn Song), the first full length disc of new material from the group in over a decade.

Unconcerned with boundaries, Primus expands their sonic repertoire once again on Green Naugahyde, extending more into the psychedelic realm with some short instrumental pieces and otherworldly interludes. No worries though: Primus is still Primus. There are a few recycled bits that will seem more than a little familiar, but the disc is very consistent and should be a welcome addition to any fan’s collection. I’d put it close to on par with the Brown Album. Primus went on a short tour with Wolfmother in 2010 and it shows on “HOINFODAMAN,” as the intro lick sounds like it could have been put down by Andrew Stockdale himself. (I wonder if Larry and Andrew did a bit of soundcheck jamming?)

“Lee Van Cleef” and “Tragedy’s a’ Comin” are both tracks that exhibit Primus at their best, so be sure to check those out. On the whole Green Naugahyde is a very entertaining disc. It even feels like there is more hiding somewhere, as if this was only the first of a double or triple disc set. Regardless, I hope it will not be so long again before they put out another one. It would be nice to have Primus return in force and chart a new course through unmapped seas, cheese or no cheese.

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