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The Entertation Index: September 26

September 26, 2011

Think this is enough to keep you watching? It probably won't be.

Angels, Charlie’s – Yes, this campy 1970s show has been remade/-cast/-imagined into a 2011 show with…nothing really new.  Watch this clip, and then sign a petition to get Hollywood to start actually trying, or just stop altogether.

Link: Charlie’s Angels Remake (Huffington Post)

Bieber, Justin – Ole’ Tweeny Biebstard (or OTB) has again been seen smooching his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in public.  If you have a young daughter who has been unusually sullen lately, this is why.

Link: Biebs and SelGo Kiss Again (Celebuzz)

Hefner, Hugh – The Playboy mogul insists that he and ex-fiancee Crystal Harris used to have sex once a week, while Harris says they only did it one time for “like two seconds.”  To be fair, one time for two seconds probably seemed like years to Harris.

Link: Hef Vs. Harris (People)

Jackman, Hugh – To promote his new robot boxing movie Real Steel, Jackman appeared on WWE Raw and supposedly broke wrestler Dolph Ziggler’s jaw with a very real punch to the face.  The saddest thing about this whole episode is that the WWE is now naming wrestlers “Dolph Ziggler.”

Link: Jackman Jacks Jaw (EW)

Smurfs – How cool was The Smurfs movie?  Oh, you didn’t see it?  Um, neither did I, then.  If you did, which probably means you have young kids who watch television commercials but hadn’t seen the original Smurfs, artist Nate Hallinan tells you that the movie got Smurfs wrong, yo.  I was going to make fun of this, but the art is really cool, and his other stuff is pretty awesomely rendered.

Link: Real Smurfs (Nate Hallinan)

Wife Swap, Celebrity – Yes!  Another reality TV show, this time with celebrity wife-swapping, not just run-of-the-mill, regular-person wife-swapping.  ABC has an episode lined up where ex mega-church preacher and former meth-and-prostitute user Ted Haggard and actor Gary Busey will swap spouses.  This leads to the questions, Ted Haggard is still married?  And someone married Gary Busey to begin with?

Link: Celebs Swap Wives (AOL TV)

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