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The Entertation Index: October 10

October 10, 2011

Still a safer bet than the stock market.

Bieber, Justin – The Beeb’s change of hairstyle from swoop to slightly different swoop cost one company a lot of money.  Bridge Direct CEO Jay Foreman says a manufacturing run of Bieberdolls were too far into production to change to the new ‘do, making them so five minutes ago as soon as they hit the market.   Foreman estimates that it cost the company $100,000, but that’s what you get for basing a revenue stream on a 17-year-old’s haircut.

Link: Biebertunity Cost (Yahoo)

Jobs, Steve – Well, we knew this would happen.  Sony has acquired movie rights to Walter Isaacson’s authorized Steve Jobs biography.  If we’re lucky, the only creative liberties that Hollywood will take are casting The Rock as the Apple icon and making him an MMA fighter who bedded every famous woman from Catherine the Great to Halle Berry to Miley Cyrus.  If we’re lucky.

Link: Jobs Movie (Deadline)

Movie, MafiaGotti: In the Shadow of My Father has been put on hold due to inability to raise funds for production.  The film, which was supposed to involve John Travolta, Barry Levinson, and Al Pacino, has been suspended indefinitely.  You can’t exactly call this striking while the iron is hot, so a delay just puts it even further out of reach.  Hey, maybe you can make a Balloon Boy movie in about 10 years, too!

Link: Mafia Movie Delayed (Showbiz 411)

Simpsons, The – The long-running animated series was issued a reprieve when producers and voice actors came to a contract agreement for seasons 24 and 25.  The question, though: will this be a Cocoon-like rejuvenation for the venerated series, or just extended life support for the moribund?

Link: Simpsons Saved (Metro)

Sorvino, Paul – The Goodfellas actor was struck by a car recently while hailing a taxi.  The car sustained moderate damage, but was OK.

Link: Sorvino Struck (NY Post)

Steel, Real – This robot-boxing movie looked like the stupidest idea for a film since White Chicks, but it has been getting surprisingly good reviews.  I may have to suck it up and see the damn thing.  Eventually.  At no more than matinee prices.

Link: Silly Movie, Good Reviews? (Rotten Tomatoes)

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