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The Entertation Index: October 13

October 13, 2011

Avengers, The — The official first trailer for the Avengers film, directed by Joss Whedon and starring Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johannsen and more finally hit the web yesterday, stirring up all kinds of excited fanboy hype. The film doesn’t come out until next summer, so you could watch it now, while it’s new, or you could just wait until it’s inevitably emblazoned upon your eyeballs over the next year.

Link: The Avengers trailer (Apple)

Evil, Resident — The  currently filming fifth film of the video-game-to-celluliod franchise Resident Evil recently ran into some difficulty when a platform on the Toronto set collapsed and resulted in leg and back injuries to sixteen extras playing zombies. The mishap was worsened further by the fact that medical help was delayed because, much like the first four Resident Evil movies, no one was watching.

Link: No Major Zombie Injuries After Accident on Film Shoot (NY Times)

Keys, The Black — We here at TBTS always love it when two cool things come together, so we naturally loved that beloved musicians The Black Keys announced the details of their upcoming album El Camino by creating a viral video starring equally beloved comedian Bob Odenkirk. Just watch and enjoy.

Link: Black Keys Announce El Camino Details (Stereogum)

Kutcher, Ashton — The former Mr. Demi Moore, recently split from the former Mrs. Bruce Willis, is in deeper trouble these days after rumors from Sara Leal — the woman who is reportedly the cause of the Ashton/Demi break-up — has told reporters that the Two and a Half Men star did not use protection when the two had sex. Allegedly, Leal initially thought he had, but was surprised upon climax when a team of production assistants and sound mixers jumped out from behind a curtain to inform her that she’d been punk’d.

Link:  Sara Leal Says Ashton Kutcher Didn’t Use Protection (Cinema Blend)

Odenkirk, Bob — See: Keys, The Black

Pitchfork — Hipster go-to website Pitchfork has announced plans for a special festival to be held in New York City next February which will feature visual artists, video game designers and a host of musicians at some of NYC’s trendiest concert venues. When asked how the preparations were coming along, a Pitchfork representative told the press that “a five month lead time on the event should give everyone plenty of time to get their noses firmly up their own asses.” Good luck, gang!

Link: Pitchfork Announces New York Festival (NY Times)

Tucker, ChrisRush Hour star Chris Tucker is in dire straits as a Florida bank is threatening to foreclose on his $4.4 million dollar Orlando mansion due to unpaid taxes on the home. So in retrospect, maybe that great plan to only make one movie every eight years really backfired on him.

Link: Chris Tucker’s Home in Foreclosure in Central Florida (Orlando Sentinel)


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