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TBTS Reviews: Bjork – Biophilia

October 16, 2011

Let there be no mistake, Biophilia (Nonesuch) is a game changer. There is an app, not just “for that,” but for each of ten (or possibly more) tracks from the album. For an artist with the popularity and global name recognition on the level of Bjork to fully immerse her music in an app oriented environment has reset the parameters of how we experience music. This has been achieved by using the apps to enable listeners to interact with the tunes themselves, play games, watch videos and even read essays related to each song made out of a residency personal statement writing service. Knowing Bjork, she’s probably been wanting to make this disc for ten years, but had to wait for technology to catch up with her. Through these Apple coordinated apps, the forethought and intention behind every track is realized to the nth degree.

Bjork narrates a version of the main concept behind her latest release on her home page. In short, she talks about about how nature, music and technology move and inspire us. To furthermore connect us with both the far reaches of the universe and the dandelions at our feet through musical composition, the scope of which is truly stunning. To say the project is ambitious would be an understatement, but Bjork’s modus operandi has always been pushing the envelope.

Even separated from its technological facets, the music of Biophilia comprises a great record. In fact, it’s so great I desperately need to hear the album that is going to top it this year. Biophilia is Bjork’s masterwork. Her arrangements are sublime and perfectly accomplish two nearly conflicting goals most recording artists strongly desire: establishing a bond of consistency from song to song, and giving each song an individual personality. Bjork has delivered an exquisitely beautiful disc. Treat yourself.

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