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The Entertation Index: October 17

October 17, 2011

We have seen the future, and it has hockey hair.

Avengers, The – In next summer’s superhero ensemble movie, villain Loki attempts to subjugate and rule the human race.  Actor Tom Hiddleston says of Loki, “his primary argument is this planet is rife and populated by people who are constantly fighting each other. If they’re all united together in their reverence of one king, there will be no war.”  The part of Loki was originally written for Donald Trump.

Link: Avengers Trailer Out (Huffington Post)

Cell Phones, Doody On – British researchers say that one in six cell phones in the U.K. is contaminated with E. Coli from fecal matter.  And you thought people were talking about the iFart app when they said, “man, I have got to get some of this shit off my phone.”

Link: Dirty Talk (io9)

Clinton, Bill – The former US prez’s blow-out 65th birthday bash featured Lady Gaga channeling Marilyn Monroe by singing happy birthday for Clinton, then saying, “I wish you were playing sax with me tonight, baby.”  Clinton stated for the record that he did not play sax with that woman.

Link: Clinton To Draw Social Security (LA Times)

Gibb, Robin – Bee Gees co-founder was admitted to the hospital last Thursday with “abdominal pain and inflammation of the colon.”  Coincidentally, we show the same symptoms whenever we hear “Jive Talkin’.”

Link: Bee Gee In Hospital (People)

Rankings, MovieReal Steel and Footloose battled each other for box office supremacy last week, with the winner too close to call as of last night.  One movie is about almost-human performers battling societal structures (and each other) to better their lives.  The other is about fighting robots.

Link: Battle of the Bilge (Fox News)

Ross, Rick – The Big Boss was hospitalized twice over the weekend for seizures.  Doctors say he was simply balling too hard.

Link: Ross Hospitalized (TMZ)

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