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The Entertation Index: October 27

October 27, 2011

Art, Performance — 36 year-old performance artist Marni Kotak, claiming that giving birth is the “highest form of art,” put her money where her vagina is on Tuesday when she delivered a nine-pound, two-ounce baby son as part of an art exhibit in New York City’s Microscope Gallery. Unimpressed New York art critics described the showing as “lacking and derivative,” saying they’ve seen “better uteruses” and that “the placenta hasn’t been relevant since 2002.”

Link: Brooklyn Performance Artist Gives Birth in Arg Gallery (NBC)

Bell, Taco — A manhunt is underway for an Albany, Georgia Taco Bell customer who phoned the fast food outlet to complain that there was not enough meat in the chalupas he purchased, then returned later that evening to toss a flaming molotov cocktail into the restaurant’s drive-thru window. Apparently the man was confused; in general, firebombing only usually happens after one eats a Taco Bell chalupa.

Link: Cops Hunt Man Who Firebombed Taco Bell Because His Chalupas Had Too Little Meat (The Smoking Gun)

China — In an attempt to “meet the public’s demand for varied, multilevel, and high quality viewing,” Chinese government officials have ordered a limit on the country’s output of “overly entertaining” television, which includes programming featuring marital troubles and matchmaking, talent shows, game shows, talk shows and reality programming. While this is great news for highbrow Chinese culture lovers, it’s terrible news for the fans of The Super Happy Million Dollar Pregnant Teen Dating Variety Divorce Hour.

Link: China to Curb “Overly Entertaining” Reality TV (

Depp, Johnny — It’s no secret that we here at TBTS love Ricky Gervais; it’s also not a secret that we feel the same way about Johnny Depp. So take a second to watch the two together in a clip from Gervais’ upcoming series wherein Depp rails Gervais for his Golden Globe jokes. And then tell us you don’t love the pair either.

Link: Johnny Depp, Ricky Gervais Square Off in “Life’s Too Short” (HuffPo)

Gervais, Ricky — See: Depp, Johnny

Hammer, MC — Early-90’s hip-hop star MC Hammer has announced plans to start his own search engine, called WireDoo, which he claimed at a recent web summit will take on established search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Attempts to find financial backing for the endeavor, much like searching Google for news of MC Hammer in 2011, yielded no results.

Link: MC Hammer Launching His Own Search Engine (CNN)

Poison — The classic hair-metal band is currently — yes, currently — being sued for plagiarism by members of the Illinois band Kid Rocker, who claim Bret Michaels and company stole several songs from them in 1984. A spokesman for the plaintiff, when reached for contact, told TBTS that New Coke is “really good,” asked us if we’d heard of these new Macintosh computers and couldn’t believe what happened on Dynasty last night.

Link: Poison Sued for Alleged Plagiarism (Rolling Stone)

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