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The Entertation Index: October 31

October 31, 2011

2, The Expendables – Tragedy struck the set of The Expendables 2 when a stuntman died during a planned explosion on a rubber boat.  This compounds the tragedy of there even being a sequel to The Expendables.

Link: Death on Movie Set (Huffington Post)

Canalis, Elisabetta – The Italian bombshell who until recently date George Clooney said that “he has been a special for me [sic], and very important, just as a father would be…between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship.  I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.”  By clarifying this, Canalis made it way grodier.

Link: Canalis-Clooney Relationship (People)

Humpries, Kris – Kim Kardashian’s husband says he was scammed by wedding guest Andrey Hicks, who allegedly bilked Humphries by investing his money in a non-existent hedge fund.  Hicks supposedly targeted the spouse of a Kardashian because of his obvious fondness for ridiculously inflated assets.

Link: Humphries Hosed (TMZ)

And Refunds for All

Metallica – Indian fans nearly rioted when the veteran metal group canceled shows just outside of New Delhi due to technical difficulties.  This avoided the riot that would have occurred had Metallica played anything from St. Anger.

Link: The Gig That Would Not Be (SF Gate)

Nivola, AlessandroThe Eye actor was exiting a screening of his movie Janie Jones when his elevator plummeted several floors before being stopped by the emergency brake.  With the movie getting a 50% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, Nivola may just be hoping that life doesn’t imitate art.

Link: Nivola’s Harrowing Experience (NY Magazine)

Stewart, Kristen and Pattinson, Robert – Pattinson says the Twilight co-stars may accidentally have gotten married because while filming their Breaking Dawn marriage scene, they used a real priest and went through a normal ceremony.  This excuse will not work for you when you accidentally get drunk-married in Vegas to an off-Strip back-up dancer.

Link: K-Stew, R-Patz Married (EOnline!)

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