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The Entertation Index: November 7

November 7, 2011

Actors, OverpaidForbes recently released its list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors.  After learning of their inclusion on the list, the stars reportedly were chauffeured home to their mansions, where they collapsed on their beds stuffed with money and had their tears wiped away by Oompa Loompas with $100-bill tissues.

Link: List of Overpaid Actors (Forbes)

Please give her advertising dolla--er, space during this trying time.

Jenner, Kris – Kim Kardashian’s mom is peeved at the speculation and snickering regarding her daughter’s short-lived marriage.  Jenner says of her reality-TV family, “people really don’t know the true story, so you have a lot of people making assumptions and judging us unfairly at times. And people really need to listen and just be patient and wait for everything to reveal itself.”  Or you could tune into Keeping Up with the Kardashians and have them to reveal it for you!

Link: Jenner Defends Family (People)

Kumar, Harold & – Screenwriters Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg don’t see their Harold & Kumar films as “stoner” movies: “the comedy is not drawn from marijuana… the majority of the set pieces have nothing to do with marijuana, getting high, or anything like that.”  Certainly, considering that off the top of my head I can only remember that Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (originally called Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies) involves them constantly getting high in their apartment and elsewhere, their friends constantly getting high, them trying to score weed on a college campus, and a dream sequence in which Kumar marries a bag of weed.

Link: Harold & Kumar Writers Sound Off (Moviefone)

Ratner, Brett – Olivia Munn’s memoir Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek tells of dating a unnamed Hollywood director whom she saw “holding his ‘undersized manhood’ while eating shrimp.”  Ratner says he was that director, and says of Munn: “She was hanging out on my set of After the Sunset, I banged her a few times … but I forgot her.”  He denies the shrimp part.  If you need more evidence for how much of a dick Ratner is, be aware that he directed X-Men: The Last Stand, also known as “the shitty one.”

Link: Ratner Rants (EW)

Sambora, Richie – The Bon Jovi guitarist and Denise Richards are firing their romance back up, Sambora confirms.  Asked about internet rumors saying their relationship is complicated, Sambora responded with, ““I don’t give a [bleep].”  Richards says that Sambora responds this way to most questions, which makes it difficult to order at the In-N-Out Burger drive-thru.

Link: Sambora + Richards Again? (NY Post)

Yeater, Mariah – The woman who claims that Justin Bieber fathered her baby earlier accused ex-boyfriend John Terranova of being the father, according to the man’s grandmother.  If neither pans out, Yeater is expected to name Kardashian hubby Kris Humphries, the late Michael Jackson, or all of the Jonas brothers.

Link: Yeater Gotta Fever for the Baby of The Bieber (TMZ)

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