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The Entertation Index: November 17

November 17, 2011

Biel, Jessica — The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A-Team actress, clearly feeling her age in a youth-oriented Hollywood, has put out the traditional all-call of the tinseltown ingenue, telling press that she’d be willing to go nude on camera “If a director I trusted came to me with an amazing opportunity and it felt organic.” Ah, the ol’ the old not-the-top-of-the-food-chain-anymore-so-I’ll-just-casually-mention-that-I’m-available-to-do-nudity move. Clearly someone’s been chatting with Anne Hathaway. Well played, madame.

Link: Jessica Biel Says She’d Get Naked for a Movie Again (Hollyscoop)

Community — On the heels of sad news that NBC’s sitcom Community will be pushed back to make room for other returning Thursday night shows, the always-thoughtful Atlantic helps ease viewers’ minds by offering up some solid explanations as to perhaps why the show didn’t make a bigger splash. Dammit, Community, why can’t you be more like your sister Whitney? She’s not even that funny and she’s staying on the air!

Link: What Community Did Wrong (The Atlantic Wire)

Doherty, Pete — Libertines frontman and established hot mess Pete Doherty has been too scared recently to stay in his own London flat because he claims the property is haunted by the ghost of recently deceased singer Amy Winehouse. Upon further private investigator, however, the visage was not revealed to be a spectre, but rather a dirty old coat tree in the corner with a discarded halloween wig on top.

Link: Pete Doherty “Convinced His Flat is Haunted by the Ghost of Amy Winehouse” (NME)

Philbin, Regis — Though oft-impersonated and the butt of many a joke about the elderly in Hollywood, consummate television personality Regis Philbin ends his run in front of the camera this week as a host of celebrities stop in to Live! With Regis and Kelly to pay their regards. When you really break down Reege’s career, however, it begs to be lauded. So have a look, and farewell to television royalty. (Although there’s little chance he won’t continue to pop up).

Link: Regis Philbin Through the Years (Chicago Sun-Times)

Ratner, Brett — It has been discovered that Rush Hour and Tower Heist director, after alienating everyone in the entertainment industry by recently stringing together a steady stream of extremely inappropriate things to say, has even more charming things on his resume: he once worked in a “boiler room” type job selling stocks on Wall Street for a shady brokerage as a young man. So if you’ve ever thought “Man, Brett Ratner is a douche now, but I bet he was okay when he was in his early twenties,” you’d probably have been wrong. He just had slightly less cocaine up his nose then.

Link: Long Before Tower Heist, Brett Ratner Sold Stocks for a Corrupt Wall Street Brokerage (NY Mag)

Wars, Star — Got your Christmas shopping done? For a little extra help for that special person in your life, check out MTV’s Star Wars gift guide, which includes a C-3PO backpack, a mock lightsaber, a Star Wars purse and more. It’ll make for a magical night where you and your loved one open your gifts beneath the tree and then don’t go to any cool parties because you haven’t been invited. Because you’re 37 years old and you’re wearing a C-3PO backpack.

Link: Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide (MTV)

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