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The Entertation Index: December 26

December 26, 2011

OK, I guess I can see it.

Beckham, David – The soccer star could really do some damage on the big screen, according to friend Tom Cruise, especially as a villain.  Perhaps a treacherous human who helps the Queen of an invading race of rail-thin aliens with large heads bent on consuming the entire Earth, played ably by Victoria Beckham?

Link: Becks on Screen? (EW)

Frankel, Bethenny – Remember Bethenny Frankel?  From The Real Housewives of New York City?  No?  Are you sure?  Well, to remind you, People magazine made a video of Bethenny telling you how to throw the bestest, most stressless holiday party evar!  I’ll save you the time: to have an awesome Christmas party, Frankel essentially advises that you have way more money and free time than you do now.

Link: Frankel’s Frank Advice (People)

Kutcher, Ashton – After his (allegedly) infidelity-catalyzed split with Demi Moore, Kutcher was seen in the company of three women in a bar in Germany smoking, drinking, and cavorting, eventually stealing away to an apartment in a chauffeured limousine.  If anyone thought that replacing Charlie Sheen’s not-very-likable, womanizing, rich asshole character on Two and a Half Men with Kutcher was an odd choice, producer Chuck Lorre is looking like a visionary now.

Link: Kutcher Out and About (Us Magazine)

Mara, Rooney – To acquaint people with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress, Celebuzz has published an article titled “Ten Things You Don’t Know About ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Star Rooney Mara.”  The first item is, “Who?”

Link: Get to Know Rooney Mara (Celebuzz)

Palin, Sarah – The 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee is being portrayed by Juilanne Moore in the upcoming HBO film Game Change, the newest in a long line of the channel’s political films.  Good timing, since Palin risked falling out of the spotlight entirely, and may have been more accurately portrayed in another Moore movie, The Forgotten.

Link: Who’s Playin’ Palin? (THR)

Perry, Katy – The pop singer’s video for her new single “The One That Got Away,” shows her wrinkled, white-haired, elderly, and depressed.  That look is widely attributed to make-up and prosthetics, but it is actual footage of what happened to Perry the first time she saw Russell Brand naked.

Link: Perry’s New Vid (YouTube)

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