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The Entertation Index: January 23

January 23, 2012

Seriously, this guy is prompt as hell.

Khalifa, Wiz – The weed-themed rapper arrived on time for his Sundance gig at Bing Bar, while his compatriots showed up later than expected and tried to sneak in while Wiz was on stage.  So the one guy who raps mostly about getting roasted is the one guy who shows up on time and does his full set.  Huh.

Link: Prompt Khalifa (NY Post)

Klum, Heidi – New rumors suggest that model Heidi Klum wants a divorce from singer Seal due to his hard-partying habit.  Yeah, we didn’t know the couple, but they seemed like pretty decent people.  Yet, like all these stories, we’ll soon forget about them.  In 20 years our memories of the “Klum-Seal split” will sound more like an automotive maintenance problem than a divorce.

Link: Another Divorce (Daily Mail)

Lohan, Lindsay – TMZ caught up with LiLo shopping while wearing a see-through shirt, perhaps showing a little more than she intended.  In other words, Lohan was shopping for clothes for her clothes.

Link: Lohan Shops (TMZ)

McConaughey, Matthew – The Dazed and Confused actor is bringing back his laid-back stoner character David Wooderson in a new video from Butch Walker and the Black Widows.  In other words, Matthew McConaughey will be playing Matthew McConaughey.

Link: Wooderson Returns (Celebrity Cafe)

Norris, Chuck – If the internet is to be believed, The Expendables 2 has been reworked and re-rated from R to PG-13 due to Norris’s objections to the script’s foul language.  Don’t worry, though: according to head honcho Sylvester Stallone, the film “is LARGE in every way and delivers on every level… this Barbeque of Grand scale Ass Bashing will not leave anyone hungry.”  You can now rest easy knowing your exploding limbs and bullet-riddled corpses and all of the expected blood-soaked violence will remain unsullied by objectionable language!

Link: Norris Bowlderizes (MTV)

Shatner, William – Shatner’s character will perish in the company’s upcoming ad, dishing out final advice for cost-conscious travelers.  It’s a good thing I read this on first, with the headline “William Shatner Is About To Die (in an Ad).”  Huffington Post would have simply read “William Shatner Is About To Die!”

Link: Shatner Dying! (People)

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