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The Entertation Index: January 30

January 30, 2012

When two subatomic particles love each other very much...

Helberg, Simon – Jocelyn Towne, the wife of the man who plays Howard Wolowitz, is expecting a baby in a couple months.  It is called the Big Bang Theory, after all.

Link: From Almost Nothing Came Something (People)

Jackson, Jesse – The noted civil rights activist is considering a protest of this year’s Grammy Awards because the Academy has cut the number of awards from 109 to 78.  Kudos to Jackson: if the award for Best Instrumental Latin Sludgecore Duo gets axed, I’ll march on wherever the Grammies are held.

Link: Jackson & The Grammies (THR)

Parker, Sarah Jessica – The movie Lovelace, about porn star Linda Lovelace (natch), has had its share of ups and downs.  Most recently, SJP was tapped to replace Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem.  Lovelace has just been blowing through performers, with no end in sight.

Link: SJP in Lovelace (Moviefone)

Portwood, Amber – The Teen Mom star will serve five years in prison on a drug charge unless she completes a rehabilitation program.  Portwood was initially arrested for possession, and failed to provide a urine sample while on probation.  She apparently had used up all her urine by pissing on anything that even resembles quality television programming.

Link: Teen Mom Busted (TMZ)

Rose, Amber – In a radio interview with Power 105.1, Rose lit into Kim Kardashian, whom she blames for her breakup with rapper Kanye West.  “[Kim] and her family manipulate the media,” said the person who has a nearly shaved head with dyed hair, is known almost solely for dating famous dudes, and showed up for a radio interview wearing sunglasses and a fuzzy helmet with horns.

Link: Rose Lights Up KiKi (Zap2It)

Spartacus – Fans will soon be treated to Starz show Spartacus’s second season, Spartacus: Vengeance, after the first season broke the network’s rating records with almost 6 million viewers an episode.  The new season will feature a…wait, 6 million?  Do you know a single person who watched that show?  Or Starz in general?

Link: New Spartacus (HuffPo)

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