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The Entertation Index: February 2

February 2, 2012

Abdul, Paula — Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul is now also a former X-Factor judge, after she was fired from the show during hiatus and will not appear in the second season, with FOX indicating that test groups found her to be “too soft.” When reached for comment, Abdul told reporters that she was “very happy to be returning to X-Factor next season,” so the press just decided to back away and ask her again when the medication wore off.

Link: Paula Abdul Fired From “The X-Factor” Because She Was Too “Soft” (Chicago Sun-Times)

Cornelius, DonSoul Train Creator and host Don Cornelius, known for his swagger and massive afro on the popular 70’s dance program, was found dead in his Los Angeles home Wednesday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It’s always very sad when someone from the arts community, especially someone as niche-building as Cornelius, passes away. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Link: Don Cornelius, “Soul Train” Creator, Is Dead (NY Times)

Nicolas Cage, left, poses with his wax figure (right)

Cage, Nicolas — The Ghost Rider himself, Nicolas Cage, was on-hand recently for the unveiling of his wax figure at the esteemed Musée Grévin museum in Paris over the weekend, which confused a great number of fans, media and paparazzi who were heretofore led to believe that Nicolas Cage’s performances in all of his films since 2005 were performed by a wax figure. OH SNAP! I went there.

Link: Nicolas Cage’s Wax Figure Not Thrilled to Meet Actual Nicolas Cage (Gawker)

Groupon — According to trade magazines, CBS has just green-lit a new television sitcom pilot entitled Friend Me which takes place in and around the offices of internet business and online fad Groupon. The good news is that, just like Groupon, if you can get as many people as you can not to watch it, it won’t stay on the air.

Link: CBS Just Picked Up a TV Pilot That Takes Place at Groupon (Business Insider)

Murray, Bill — Beloved comedian and actor Bill Murray made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday to celebrate Dave’s thirty year anniversary as a late night talk show host (Murray was Letterman’s first guest in 1982), and arrived dressed in a New York Giants football uniform to kick field goals in the street with Letterman while Regis Philbin refereed. So what’s your excuse for not clicking on this link, again?

Link: Bill Murray Helps Letterman Celebrate 30 Years (USA Today)

Radcliffe, Daniel — The former Harry Potter star recently told reporters from something called Heat Magazine, when asked about his grooming preferences in females, that he likes they “have to have something down there, otherwise it’s f’ing creepy.” While this likely bears no weight on your day-to-day, dear readers, it does explain why Radcliffe allegedly and repeatedly bugged the wizard films’ directors to include a Potter character of his own creation, Furdonia Bushworthy-Nestington.

Link: Daniel Radcliffe Likes His Women to Have a Little Hair “Down There” (Starpulse)

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