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The Entertation Index: February 9

February 9, 2012

Girl, New — Fox’s breakout Zooey Deschanel hit The New Girl has introduced an interesting online feature where you yourself can make the cast do what you want them to do as the theme song plays by selecting various choices which pop up on your computer screen. Sorry, mods and hipsters, but one of those options is not “Have Zooey Deschanel go out on a date with me.”

Link: Fox’s New Girl Interactive Theme (Fox)

Ke$ha — The performer of such timeless, unforgettable musical classics as “TiK ToK” and “Your Love Is a Drug” recently told Glamour that when she’s depressed, she orders her assistant to put on a giant penis costume and dance around her house. So, in case you were wondering, the answer is YES! Ke$ha would be as awful to know personally or work for as you might think! Mystery solved, everyone!

Link: Ke$ha – “I Make My Assistant Put on a Penis Outfit and Bounce Around (Digital Spy)

Menounos, Maria — Attractive Extra correspondent Maria Menounos was made to wear a Giants bikini in Times Square after losing a bet with a co-worker. I wasn’t present for the payoff of the bet, but I imagine it went something like this. MARIA: “Oh no! I’m not going to wear a bikini on television. Seriously, I’m not going to do that! Everyone will see me! Anything but that, guys! (whispering) Tell me I have to. (Normal Voice) What? Oh, jeez, okay, if I have to!

Link: Maria Menounos Wore a Giants Bikini in Times Square Because She Lost a Bet (The Big Lead)

Oak Room — New York City’s famous Oak Room at the Algonquin Hotel, a supper club which was home in 1939 to the infamous Algonquin Round Table — an elite group of artists which included Tallulah Bankhead, Dorothy Parker and George S. Kaufman — has closed. The creative institution will be replaced in 2012, keeping the same prestigious name, as the Algonquin Applebee’s Booth.

Link: Algonquin Hotel to Close Oak Room (Wall Street Journal)

Somers, Suzanne — On Summers’ internet web series Breaking Through (don’t even act like you don’t watch that), former Three’s Company co-star Joyce DeWitt joined her to lay to rest a feud stemming from the filming of the program in 1981 which saw the two stars at odds for over thirty years. I don’t know about you guys, but if Janet and Chrissy can mend their fences, I think there’s hope in the Middle East. I hope you’re listening, Mahmoud Abass.

Link: Suzanne Somers, Joyce Dewitt Lay “Three’s Company” Feud to Rest (ABC News)

Uncut, Star Wars — There are some ideas that are just too great for words, like this one: a while back, Star Wars fans were invited to go online and “claim” fifteen seconds of the 1977 film to re-shoot and recreate, shot by shot, in any fashion they’d like. The result is impossible to stop watching, so I’m just going to stop typing words now and urge you to check it out for yourself.

Link: Star Wars Uncut (Watch)

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