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The Entertation Index: March 1

March 1, 2012

Jones, Davy — Former teen hearthrob, Monkee and “Daydream Believer”-crooner Davy Jones passed away yesterday due to an apparent heart attack at 66. It could be argued that the Monkees truly entertained me before I got older and the Beatles did; and even though the Monkees have largely become a pop culture footnote, the Monkees were always a lot of fun. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Link: Monkees Frontman Davy Jones Dead at 66 (MSN)

Office, TheThe Hollywood Reporter printed a piece on the future of the oft-maligned current incarnation of The Office, hinting that James Spader, Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson may be out in the near future, and that Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski still have no deals in place. I hope these deals get made soon because there’s already been a televison show called Extras.

Link: John Krasinski, Ed Helms in Talke to Return to “The Office” But No Deals Yet (The Hollywood Reporter)

Rock, Kid — Detroit native and country-rock artist Kid Rock is teaming up with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in May for a special benefit show to raise money for the musical institution. Get your tickets now and specify which section you’d like to be seated in — the half asking “Who is this Kid Rock?” or the half asking “What’s a symphony?” Though it’s a great thing Rock is doing, one thing’s for sure: this will undoubtedly be the first time people have gotten blitzed in a parking lot before going inside to watch a strings section.

Link: Kid Rock, DSO to Make Music Together in Benefit for Cash-Strapped Symphony (Detroit Free Press)

Snooki — (Let’s stop pretending she has a real name, shall we?) The pint-sized Jersey Shore star is reportedly three months pregnant with her boyfriend Jionni LaValle. Her reps are reportedly saying this will be a “big change” for the reality TV queen, as she’s normally used to things going into her vagina.

Link: Snooki is Reportedly Pregnant (The Washington Post)

Stars, Dancing with the — A new season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars has been announced and will feature greats like Jack Wagner, Roshon Fegen, William Levy and Katherine Jenkins, among others. Consequently, ABC is also changing the show’s name to Dancing with Some People.

Link: “Dancing with the Stars” Announces Its Next Contestants (NY Times)

Teller, Penn and — Don’t say we don’t ever give you anything smart to read. Check out this article in Smithsonian Magazine wherein Teller, the silent partner of acclaimed magic-comedy act Penn & Teller, reveals that the basic premise behind pulling a trick off is a knowledge of neuroscience, pattern recognition and confusion. Possibly the greatest thing you’ll read today.

Link: Teller Reveals His Secrets (Smithsonian Magazine)

One Comment
  1. veronicahaunanifitzhugh permalink
    March 1, 2012 8:23 am

    to davy, my english hanuman


    when you were a simple monkey
    asked to deliver a single bud,
    you brought a field of asian amber flush.
    your unbridled devotion
    thrust you to monkey god.

    now, you divinely intervene
    and bring me messages of him.

    i find him in a soup kitchen
    baking apple bread in a
    t-shirt depicting two quarreling
    monkeys captioned,
    “double talk.”

    he loves me and focuses on
    monkees rerun marathons
    late into the night preserving
    our chaste, intimate love.
    tonight’s virgin viewing is
    in your honor
    and cinematic eulogy,

    humming your swanee river,
    i shiver with relief that
    my heart no longer attacks.

    thank you,
    for the anthem bouquets
    of my youth.

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