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The Entertation Index: March 5

March 5, 2012

Blanchett, Cate – While mentioning that she’s not judging, the Oscar-everythinged actress says she’d be “too frightened” to try plastic surgery.  If that’s true, she picked the absolute worst job in the worst city in the world to work.

Link: Blanchett Blanches at Plastic Surgery (People)

Couple, The Royal – Several websites report that William and Kate visited Los Angeles recently, and “hit the polo field for a charity match” while there.  “Hitting the polo field” is not believed to be a euphemism.

Link: Royals Charity (CTV)

Green, Cee-Lo – The “Crazy” singer will be putting on a months-long show called “Loberace” at the Hard Rock Las Vegas.  People are comparing this to Celine Dion’s Sin City move, but until I see her belt out “F*ck You” in front of a fake Acropolis, I’m going with Cee-Lo.

Link: Cee-Lo In LV (MTV)

I have a part you'd be perfect for.

Perry, Katy – Producer Harvey Weinstein has approached singer Katy Perry about appearing in a movie about Britain’s Got Talent star Paul Potts.  This should come as no surprise.  I bet lots of people have asked Katy Perry to star in their “movies.”

Link: Perry In Pictures? (Daily Mail)

Robertson, Courtney – The Bachelor finalist broke down and apologized when confronted by several eliminated bachelorettes about her nasty comments.  Ex-contestant and VIP waitress Blakely Shea said to Robertson, “I wish you would retract all the things you said about me.  You called me a stripper on national television and it hurt my feelings.”  We are looking into if “VIP waitress” is another way of saying “stripper.”

Link: Bachelor Contestant Apologizes (Us)

Shore, Jersey – Vinny “Vinny” Guadagnino has apparently returned to the New Jersey house after abruptly leaving for reasons unclear.  He was reportedly moved to return when he realized that he was the member of the cast that no one remembers.

Link: Vinny Returns (PopEater)

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