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The Entertation Index: March 15

March 15, 2012

Not Thor.

Avengers, The — The secretive Joss Whedon epic superhero film The Avengers doesn’t come out until late April, but that hasn’t stopped fanboys everywhere from monitoring all signs of trailers and screenshots to discover any info on the ins-and-outs of the movie. So everyone was really excited when some new footage was gleaned in the Japanese trailer for the film. The new information? The alien invaders will be “space kitties” and the movie will be called Super Fighting Action Happy Friends.

Link: “Avengers” Japanese Trailer – More Aliens, Hawkeye and a Surprise Cameo (Screenrant)

Brand, Russell — Attention citizens of New Orleans! Is cheeky, dandy British comic Russell Brand currently in your line of sight? If so, your city needs you. Brand currently has a warrant issued by NOLA PD for snatching the iPhone of a paparazzi photographer and throwing it through the window of a nearby law firm. So if you see him, feel free to conduct a citizen’s arrest. Or just walk up to him and punch him really hard in the face. Either way, we’re good.

Link: Russell Brand — Arrest Warrant Issued for iPhone Toss (TMZ)

Britannica, Encyclopaeida — After a long run of 244 years in print, the famed Encyclopaedia Britannica has finally made the decision to stop publishing hard copies and focus on an online version of the series. Which means now you’re just going to have to start using your laptop to prop up that broken table in the dining room.

Link: Encyclopaedia Britannica Closes Book on Hard Copies (NPR)

Eastwood, Clint — You know that reality show you’ve all been clamoring for? You know, the one where Clint Eastwood’s wife and daughters manage an all-male singing group? It’s finally here! Mrs. Eastwood & Company will make its television on the E! Channel on May 20. Reports say the show will focus on the day-to-day lives of the members of the Eastwood household as they run a business and maintain the family. Ten minutes of each hour will focus on Clint Eastwood putting on his pants and pulling them up to his nipples.

Link: Clint Eastwood’s Wife Gets a Reality Series (NY Times)

Idol, American — Ryan Seacrest shocked live viewers of American Idol on Wednesday when he announced that finalist Jermaine Jones would be leaving the competition due to four outstanding warrants for arrest, including two for giving police the false names of “Joel Jones” and “Kareem Watkins.” So if you want to vote for Jermaine Jones, phone in or text to 1-800-Idol-01. To vote for Joel Jones, dial or text 1-800-Idol-02 and for Kareem Watkins, call or text 1-800-Idol-03. Phone lines will open after the show.

Link: American Idol’s Jermaine Jones has Four Outstanding Warrants (Cinemablend)

Springsteen, Bruce — The man they call “The Boss” finally ended Britain’s reign of terror on the Billboard Charts this weekend as Bruce Springsteen beat out Adele’s Grammy-winning album 21 after 23 weeks in the top ten, including the last ten straight weeks. U-S-A! U-S-A! If anyone’s interested, please join the Brown Tweed Society this weekend as we dump copies of 21 into Boston Harbor. We’re taking it back, England! No harmonization without representation!

Link: The Boss Edges Out Adele for Top Spot (NY Times)

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