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The Entertation Index: March 19

March 19, 2012

Unless you're Fat Joe, you usually don't get it back.

Allred, Gloria – On an episode of We the People, the plaintiff recounted that he “made it rain” on stripper Liddy “N’Tyce” Howard, then had to explain to Judge Allred what “making it rain” means.  I don’t know who is more sheltered and naïve: the judge who has never heard of “make it rain,” or the guy who thinks he gets to take his rain back.

Link: Allred Gets Learnt (Buzzfeed)

Kardashian, Kim – The reality TV star and her ex-to-be, Kris Humphries, are willing to divorce, but apparently each is hung up on making the other admit to fraud.  I thought that was the one thing everyone agreed on?

Link: KK and KH Try to Split (TMZ)

O’Donnell, RosieThe Rosie Show has been canceled.  Not surprising, since anyone who would have watched the show probably also saw Exit to Eden and died shortly after.

Link: O’Donnell Out (Chicago Tribune)

Prometheus – The sort-of but largely unrelated Ridley Scott prequel to Alien finally has the full-length trailer it deserves, revealed at WonderCon.  It looks pretty awesome, but just poses more questions, like “Did employment contracts for Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron require them to appear in 50% of all movies made in the last 18 months?”

Link: Prometheus Trailer (Forbes)

Snooki – By now you must know that the Jersey Shore favorite is pregnant, since if you read any article about her (which you should avoid if possible), you’ll notice that her name has apparently been changed to Pregnant Snooki.  So a person famous for nothing is now famous for nothing and being pregnant.  Crazy world…

Link: Someone Apparently Got It In (People)

Stars, Dancing With The – As Tomlin pointed out a few weeks ago, this session’s DWTS line-up is a little underwhelming.  Well, in the popular “The First Meeting” video, we see the reactions range from “whoa, you’re still alive?” to “hey, were you on that one show?  Okay.”

Link: DWTS Introductions (Huffington Post)

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