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The Entertation Index: March 26

March 26, 2012

Opening for Nickelback this summer, probably should be headlining.

Black Keys, The – Keys’ member Patrick Carney has sort-of apologized for singling out Nickelback as a crappy band that got hugely popular, insuring that popular music will continue to highlight crappy bands.  “There’s much worse bands than Nickelback, maybe,” said Carney.  UPDATE: Nickelback has still not apologized for existing.

Link: Black Keys Pseudo-Apologize (Rolling Stone)

FargoVariety reports that FX is considering a TV-series adaptation of 1996 Coen brothers’ film Fargo.  Apparently all material from the 1980s has been or is being remade, and it won’t be long before the 1990s are exhausted, too.  The past is catching up, folks.  Watch out next year for remakes of Mad Men Season 5.

Link: Fargo to Small Screen? (Variety)

Games, The Hunger – After an enormous opening weekend that will bring The Hunger Games to the forefront of cultural consciousness, several writers have opined on the seeming inconsistencies in technological advancement, like the existence of hovercraft and force fields, but also the continued use of coal for energy.  Could this be a commentary on socio-economic rifts in future societies…or maybe could it mean that it is a piece of fiction and the author wrote it that way simply because?  After all, did you ever what it meant about communication and society’s purposeful blindness toward its marginalized members that a race of chimeric Dr. Moreau-like militaristic creatures was able to live undetected for so long in a system of tubes meant for runoff and human waste?  No, I just watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and liked it.

Link: Hunger Games Technology (Huffington Post)

Kardashian, Kim – After initially indicating she wouldn’t press charges against her flour-bomber, KiKi has perhaps changed her mind and is “just going to think about it.”  Before you get all righteously indignant, remember that this “thinking” thing is a good first step.

Link: Kardashian Thinking (People)

Shore, Jersey – With Snooki pregnant and presumably not drinking and The Situation too “tired” to start fights, rumor has it that Jersey Shore producers will phase them out and add newer, crazier cast members.  This would be a tragedy, since where will MTV possibly find other directionless 20-somethings willing to get paid and become famous to drink heavily, get it in, and punch people?

Link: Jersey Shore Shake-up? (The Hollywood Gossip)

Stripes, White The – Jack White has decreed that there is “absolutely no chance” that he will reunite with The White Stripes.  Unless he “went bankrupt or really needed the cash,” which immediately and completely negates his previous statement.

Link: No White Stripes Reunion Unless… (NME)

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