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The Entertation Index: April 5

April 5, 2012

Aronsohn, Lee — Lee Arohnson, co-creator of CBS’ Two and a Half Men, told the Hollywood Reporter last Sunday that there’s simply too much woman-centric television out there these days, adding we’re approaching “peak vagina” on television and saying “enough ladies. I get it. You have periods.” On a positive note, we finally have an answer as to why Arohnson chose to hire Ashton Kutcher to Two and a Half Men: he’s a moron.

Link: Lee Aronsohn Thinks Women-Centric TV Has Peaked (Huffington Post)

Bizkit, Limp — TMZ reports that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has a “new vision” for the band, that this “new vision”  allegedly doesn’t include band members John Otto and DJ Lethal (yes, DJ Lethal), and that he’s working really hard to fire Otto and Lethal — both original members — from the band. This undoubtedly comes as a great surprise to millions of people who are shocked to learn that “being a member Limp Bizkit” is apparently still a legitimate job.

Link: Fred Durst Threatens to Fire Original Members (TMZ)

Eagles, The — On May 12, the famous Berklee College of Music will award honorary doctorate of music to classic rock band The Eagles. So the next time that drunken, disheveled old man next to you at the bar starts going on and on about how great the seventies were just before the bartender kicks him out and he causes a scene, puts his hand through the cigarette machine and is arrested for public intoxication, remember that’s Doctor Glenn Frey to you.

Link: The Eagles Among Berklee College Doctorate of Music Honorees (Hollywood Reporter)

Madonna — According to Nielsen SoundScan, the number one and number two albums in the country right now belong to Madonna (with her new album MDNA) and Lionel Richie (with his, Tuskeegee). Think about that today as you watch Family Ties in your parachute pants and talk on a phone connected to the wall to your friend about the Iran-Contra scandal.

Link: Madonna and Lionel Richie Top the Charts (NY Times)

A scene from Universal's "Mummy" reboot.

Mummy, The — Variety reports today that it has hired screenwriter Jon Spaihts to write a script for a reboot of Universal Pictures’ The Mummy. You know, I’m just too tired to even make jokes about this anymore. The Mummy? Seriously. The Mummy, starring Brendan Fraser, which had two sequels, none of which you know anyone who ever saw? That Mummy? Sure. Okay. Whatever. In related news, obviously, being a Hollywood screenwriter just skyrocketed to the top of the list of “easiest jobs in the world.”

Link: Universal Sets “Mummy” Reboot with Spaihts (Variety)

Richie, Lionel — See: Madonna

Triplets — As it was mentioned here on Monday, a sequel to the 1988 Ivan Reitman comedy Twins is in the works, set to film with Eddie Murphy cast as a third sibling. Now an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has surfaced in which he calls the idea “hilarious” and adds “I can see a poster, a billboard with us three.” Apparently, no one has the balls to break it to Arnold that when Danny DeVito, star of The Lorax, is the most currently bankably successful star in your film, things aren’t looking good.

Link: Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks Out About Triplets (Coming Soon)

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