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The Entertation Index: April 9

April 9, 2012

Damon, Matt – Noted actor and activist Damon is starring in The Promised Land, a movie about the effects of hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas, or “fracking.”  I was a little let down, since I thought it might be another Battlestar Galactica movie.

Link: Damon’s New Movie (Cinema Blend)

Daughtry – Three former bandmates of Chris Daughtry have sued the singer, who they claim “defrauded them out of royalties from four songs to which they allegedly contributed music and lyrics.”  Daughtry is reportedly counter-suing, claiming that “those dudes should have known what they were getting into by glomming onto a guy who finished fourth on American Idol.”

Link: Daughtry Sued (GossipCop)

Dogg, Snoop – The rapper/entrepreneur has released Rolling Words, which are rolling papers with song lyrics on them, making a “smokable songbook.”  Creed’s Scott Stapp reportedly put out a similar product with his lyrics years ago, but it failed because no one wanted to smoke crap.

Link: Smokin’ Lyrics (HipHop DX)

Kutcher, Ashton – The Two And A Half Men actor has, apparently for real, signed on to play Apple icon Steve Jobs upcoming biopic Jobs.  It must be subtitled Dude, Where’s My Oscar?  (Thx to Jay St. Orts.)

Link: Kutcher’s New Job (Variety)

Perry, Katy –The pop songstress recently revealed that a schedule conflict kept her from being in Oscar-nominated The Help.  If this sounds a little unbelievable, recall that Perry also reportedly claims to have been considered for the part of Darth Vader, and says the her hair was the inspiration for The Wizard of Oz’s Horse of a Different Color.

Link: Katy’s Claims (THR)

"I say we take off and smurf the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

PrometheusAin’t It Cool News site head Harry Knowles has acknowledged that the script draft he received for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was probably a fake, especially since the writer of the draft, Damon Lindelof, said it was.  Knowles should have known his copy wasn’t legit, since it described the xenomorphs as being “three apples high and living in mushroom-like structures.”

Link: Prometheus Fake Draft (Huffington Post)

RobogeddonAvatar director James Cameron and uber-producer Mark Burnett are collaborating on Discovery Channel show Robogeddon, which will feature mechanical robot fights.  Expect it to have amazing visuals, a storyline told a dozen times before, and horrible dialog.

Link: New Cameron-Burnett Show (Chicago Tribune)

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