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The Entertation Index: April 16

April 16, 2012

Birthdays, Fictional Characters’ — Generally ’round here, we don’t like to put in too much filler on an Index, but it’s been a slow weekend. So enjoy this calendar of the birthdays of popular fictional characters through the ages. Go on. Boss ain’t lookin’.

Link: Fictional Character Birthday Calendars (Flavorwire)

Day, Green — Award-winning punkers Green Day have announced that they plan to release three albums over the span of four months: ¡Uno!, on September 25, ¡Dos! on November 13; and ¡Tres! on January 15, 2013. I think we can all agree that putting out three albums is a much better idea than putting one album out of all good stuff, can’t we? I thought so.

Link: Green Day to Release Three Albums Over Four Months (NY Times)


Grammer, Kelsey — The Frasier star was recently spotted at a Chicago-area tattoo parlor getting the name of wife Kayte Walsh inked onto his hip. For you Grammerphiles out there, that means that the actor’s hip currently reads: “Doreen Leigh-Anne Barrie Tammy Camille Kayte

Link: Kelsey Grammer Gets Wife’s Name Tattooed on his Hip (TMZ)

Groening, Matt — An update from an Index item last week demands an update to revert it to previously mysterious status: Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, claims he was misunderstood by Smithsonian Magazine in a recent interview and that the real Springfield of the show’s universe is not, in fact, in Oregon — but rather, he jokes, Springfield is “the name of his sled.” That’s a shame; this may have been the only interesting thing to come out of the Simpsons in at least five years.

Link: “Simpsons” Creator Matt Groening Says Show Not Set in Springfield, Oregon (Fox)

Khan, Shah Rukh — Indian government officials are up in arms after extremely famous Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, star of films like Baazigar and Kuch Kuch Kota Hai, was questioned by TSA agents at a New York airport who weren’t aware of his importance. Err…yikes…sorry you had to find out this way, India, it’s kind of awkward, but…well…yeah, we’re not really that into Bollywood over here, despite what you might think. It’s just not really…caught on. It’s not you, we promise. It’s us.

Link: India Fumes Over Bollywood Star’s US Airport Row (Yahoo!)

Seagal, Steven — The website Sly Oyster has put together a must-read for your Monday morning, divvying up the titles of Steven Segal’s oeuvre into grammatical categories, including “Prepositional Phrases” and “A Type of Justice.” Enjoy.

Link: A Grammatical Analysis of Steven Segal Movie Titles (Sly Oyster)

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