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The Entertation Index: April 30

April 30, 2012

At 48fps, you will not be able to tell this from the real thing.

Hobbit, The – Though not due in theaters until mid-December, The Hobbit is already generating some controversy from director Peter Jackson’s decision to shoot the movie at 48 frames-per-second rather than the traditional 24.  Some early viewers say the faster frame rate makes the film feel too lifelike.  Folks, we’re talking hobbits, not a documentary.  Until I see the final product, I’m going to trust the guy who brought the utterly fantastic Lord of the Rings trilogy to the screen.

Link: Hobbit Controversy (PC Mag)

Kutcher, Ashton – In addition to being Demi Moore’s ex and making zillions from crappy movies and Nikon commercials, Kutcher also happens to be the first person that super-hottie Mila Kunis ever kissed on-screen.  This is further evidence that the universe is uncaring and possibly unjust.

Link: Kutcher’s First Kiss (Oregon Live)

Levine, Adam – Shortly after his split with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was the target of some “aggressive” flirting from Jennifer Love Hewitt.  OK, that’s it.  The universe is definitely unjust.

Link: Levine’s Cup Runneth Over (CNN)

Lohan, Lindsay – The Mean Girls actress recently attended a White House Correspondents’ brunch with Susan Axelrod, chair of Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy.  It is unclear if Lohan understands that epilepsy is different from “the shakes.”

Link: Lohan Lunches (TMZ)

Uggie – The Jack Russell terrier who melted audiences’ hearts in The Artist has a memoir coming out in October called Uggie: My Story.  Sources say, though, that the book may be ghost-written.

Link: Uggie’s Book (CBS News)

Wanted, The – A new-ish band that sings some songs said that The Voice’s Christina Aguilera was a “total bitch” when she didn’t shower them with attention during their recent visit, in contrast to American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, whom they simply gushed about: “Yeah, well J.Lo’s hot, Christina’s nothing special.”  Watch for The Wanted’s rumored new single, “Sour Grapes.”

Link: Wanted: Xtina’s Attention (MTV)

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