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The Entertation Index: May 3

May 3, 2012

Johansson, Scarlett — The Avengers co-star recently told Contact Music, which is apparently a thing, that she gets tired of playing and being offered “sexy” roles, telling reporters that “it’s not like I actively look for sexy roles…I never think about my character being sexy unless that’s written in,” and “I always wanted to be a character actor.” As such, she is currently eyeing the role of “Sexy Falstaff” in an upcoming film adaptation of Henry IV.

Link: Scarlett Johnsson Hates Being the Hot Chick (Celebslam)

Kardashian, Kim — The Keeping Up with the Kardashians magnate recently gave words of support for former Republican presidential nominee Rick Santorum to reporters at the New York Daily News, stating that she was “impressed” with Santorum and his daughters, and that she likes their “family connection.” Nearly all political pundits on both sides of the fence currently agree that if Santorum wasn’t run out of the race already, this certainly would have done it.

Link: Kim Kardashian Impressed by Rick Santorum and His Daughters (HuffPo)

Possible suspect.

Perry, Tyler — The Atlanta studio of film entrepreneur Tyler Perry was damaged late Tuesday night as a fire ripped through part of the backlot, leaving questions as to the undetermined nature of what may have started it. Perry is expected to address these issues in the end of the third act when he gathers his staff together at a church, where everyone will reach their catharsis and sing a happy gospel song as the credits roll.

Link: Fire at Tyler Perry’s Studios Limited to Backlot Facade (CNN)

Sheen, Charlie — Tiger-blooded actor Charlie Sheen may suing a topless club in New York City for naming a “Charlie Sheen Room” after him where patrons can eat sushi off of naked dancers, claiming it could damage his reputation. Yes, Charlie, because that’s how it works. That damages your reputation. Not waving machetes, babbling about alien races or terrorizing prostitutes cowering under tables in expensive NYC hotel suites. Good to see you’ve still got it, buddy! Welcome back to the Index! We’ve missed you!

Link: Charlie Sheen Threatens to Sue NYC Topless Club (NY Post)

Simpson, Jessica — Congrats to pop star/movie star/fashion designer (?) Jessica Simpson, who gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday morning alongside fiancè Eric Johnson. The daughter, which she has named Max, will start pre-school in the fall, because Jessica Simpson has seemingly been pregnant for so long that the baby was already an estimated two and a half years old at time of birth.

Link:  Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby Girl (E!)

Wing, The West — Now here’s clever pop culture for a good cause. A Funny or Die clip featuring reunited members of NBC’s acclaimed drama The West Wing, hyping the health benefits of walking each day. Enjoy it, learn from it, and forward to those people you know who still won’t shut up about how good a show The West Wing used to be.

Link: Walk & Talk (FunnyorDie)

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