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The Entertation Index: May 10

May 10, 2012

Deville, Dominic — A new service in Switzerland will, for a fee, enlist a Swiss actor named Dominic Deville — who goes by the moniker “evil birthday clown” — to stalk children for a week with harassing letters, phone calls and texts that he’s coming for them before smashing them in the face with a cake when they least expect it. The service is perfect for parents who want to try something different for their kids’ birthdays and also who are awful at parenting.

Link: Dominic Deville, An Evil Birthday Clown, Stalks Your Child for a Fee (HuffPo)

1.21 Jiggle-watts. (See what I did there?)

Kardashian, Kim — Rapper Kanye West tweeted a picture on Wednesday afternoon of new girlfriend Kim Kardashian emerging from what looks to be a souped-up delorean-style automobile, which can only mean one thing: Kim Kardashian just had sex with everyone in Hill Valley.

Link: Kanye West’s Twitter Feed (Twitter)

Ke$ha — The “Tik Tok” songstress, working on the follow-up album to her breakout debut, recently let slide that she’ll be performing alongside The Stooges’ Iggy Pop on her upcoming release with a tweet that read “Iggy + I got a song for yall on my next record” and contained a picture of the old, craggy, leathery, scantily clad rocker. Standing next to Iggy Pop.

Link: Ke$hs Working with Iggy Pop on Second Album (Gigwise)

People, The Village — The 1970s’ disco favorites won a court battle earlier this week ruling that the group can keep ownership rights to over twenty of their biggest hits, including “Macho Man” and “Y.M.C.A.” after the music was threatened to be taken away by music publishers who claimed the copyrights had expired on the songs. Sources close to the situation, however, say the case is far from being resolved. Strange that it would take for the Village People to gain justice on this matter, especially since two of them were soldiers and one was a police officer.

Link: Victor Willis Wins Partial Ownership of Song Copyrights (HuffPo)

Sendak, Maurice — Thoughts go out to the family and friends of award-winning children’s writer Maurice Sendak, who passed away at age 83 on Tuesday. As the father of a two year old son who demands to be read Where the Wild Things Are several times a week, I can assure Mr. Sendak that his legacy lives on with children everywhere. He will not be forgotten.

Link: Maurice Sendak Remembered for Dark but Engaging Children’s Classics (Washington Post)

Travolta, John — The Broken Arrow star  has been accused of sexual harassment by two male masseurs who claim the actor made unwelcome sexual advances toward them during two separate incidences in the past few months. Travolta’s reps continue to claim, however, it was actually Nicolas Cage wearing Travolta’s face.

Link: John Travolta Fights Back as Two Male Masseurs Allege Sexual Harassment (Chicago Sun-Times)

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