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The Entertation Index: May 21

May 21, 2012

Bono – With his 2.3% stake in Facebook valued at about $1.5 billion after last week’s IPO, the U2 frontman became probably the richest musician on the planet.  That should just about cover his losses on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Link: Bono’s Big Bank (MTV)

City 2, Sin – Director Robert Rodriguez has set a release date of 10/14/13 for his Sin City sequel, which will officially be called Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.  A close second was Sin City: Jessica Alba’s Gyrations in Leather.

Link: Sin City Sequel (THR)

Halen, Van – Several of the classic rock band’s summer tour dates have been postponed without explanation.  This means you may have to wait a little longer not to go see them.

Link: Halen Hold-Up (EW)

Smith, Will – A Ukrainian reporter got a backhand for attempting to kiss Smith during a Men In Black III promo event in Russia.  The reporter explained that due to a translation error, he thought Smith was The Get-Fresh Prince.

Link: Smith Whomps A Fool (TMZ)

Strippers, Celebrity – Huffington Post lists several male celebrities who have “tried” stripping.  My guess is they “tried” stripping the same way you “try” being an escort or “try” cocaine.

Link: Celeb Strippers (Huffington Post)

Seriously, you should see it. There’s probably a video on the internet somewhere.

Talents, Celebrity – In more celebrity stuff, Celebuzz has a list of celebrities with little-known talents.  Did you know that Justin Bieber once solved a Rubik’s cube in 84 seconds, or that Kristen Stewart is a talented juggler?  Also, we hear that Kim Kardashian can make an entire butternut squash disappear without using her hands.

Link: Celebrity Talents (Celebuzz)

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