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The Entertation Index: May 28

May 28, 2012

Anderson, Wes – In a short interview with The Huffington Post, the Rushmore director states that criticisms of his films as “twee” don’t bother him.  Whatever that means, please keep making movies, Wes, twee or not.

Link: Anderson Interview (Huffington Post)

Jameson, Jenna – The former adult film queen was arrested last week for drunk driving after she crashed into a lamppost.  It doesn’t just happen to porn stars folks, so beware: you get a few in you and end up on a pole again.

Link: Jameson DUI (Daily Mail)

McConaughey, Matthew – Critics are talking about the actor’s dual showing at Cannes in The Paperboy and Mud, two highly acclaimed films.  They shouldn’t be surprised, though, since McConaughey thought he was being asked to attend the “Can Swill Festival” and said, “hells yeah.  Twice!”

Link: McConaughey Double-Header (Lubbock Online)

Smith, Gavin – The Fox executive missing for almost a month was reportedly recently spotted with “a tall woman at Taco Temple” on Highway 1.  No joke needed here.  I’m just glad that a missing person was found at a place called Taco Temple that happens to be on Highway 1.

Link: Smith Spotted (NY Daily News)

Allegedly got in a slap fight with Rob Kardashian. Please let there be video.

Songz, Trey – The singer of “Love Faces,” which I hope you have not heard, allegedly slapped—yes, slapped—Rob Kardashian when their entourages occupied the same VIP section of London club Movida.  Unfortunately, neither was injured.

Link: Songz-Kardashian Slap Fight (VH1)

Tetris – Given Battleship and Asteroids and Ouija Board and all the other movies being made out of your childhood diversions, you could be forgiven for thinking that Tetris is a real film.  On second thought, give it some time.  It probably will be.  Check out the trailer below.

Link: Tetris Trailer (Huffington Post)

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