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The Entertation Index: June 25

June 25, 2012

Carolla, Adam – Apparently there is an internet debate (and by debate, we mean polarized camps denouncing/supporting Carolla and yelling at each other) about an interview in which Carolla opines about women in comedy.  One author says that the media have deliberately misquoted Carolla to intensify the scuffle and attract website hits.  The author who criticizes such hyperbole and misdirection is none other than Tucker Max, reviled and lionized author of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.  An interesting read.

Link: Carolla Caught in Crossfire (Huffington Post)

Keys, Black – Patrick Carney of the Black Keys gives his unvarnished opinion about Van Halen playing at Lollapalooza: “I mean, sure, Eddie Van Halen’s son is a pretty good bass player and he’s a 20-year-old kid and that’s cool, but like, what the f*ck is that? That’s f*cking retarded. If someone is able to be in a band for 30 years and then people are okay with replacing him with a 17-year-old, they’re obviously mother*cking *ssholes, right?”  In unrelated news, several Brown Tweed writers will be retiring, to be replaced by their toddler offspring who are just beginning to form coherent sentences.  Everyone is cool with that, right?

Link: Carney Sounds Off, Again (Stereogum)

Romijn, Rebecca – The X-Men actress says that her key to happiness is dance parties.  Now that we know these exist, the key to a lot of people’s happiness will be Rebecca Romijn dance parties.

Link: Romijn Dances (People)

The result of a nasty fall?

Rose, Axl – The Guns N’ Roses lead singer was performing at France’s Hellfest when he attempted to leap to a platform, but instead fell.  Critics wonder if another two dozen tumbles will help him produce a decent album. (h/t to Jay St. Orts)

Link: Axl’s  Single Axel (Rolling Stone)

Songz, Trey – The rapper and Storage Wars “star” David Hester apparently dropped lawsuits against each other over rights to use the phrase “Yuuup!” to sell merchandise.  It is rumored that one will use “Yuup!”, while the other will use “Yuuuup!”

Link: Songz v. Storage (TMZ)

Stars, Dancing With The – Dance pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd are reported to be dating.  There’s not really a joke here; I’m just surprised that “Murgatroyd” is more than a word uttered by Snagglepuss.  If they marry, they would form the Chmerkovskiy- Murgatroyd union, which should be the name of a phenomenon in set theory or astrophysics or something.

Link: DWTS Stars Align (Us Magazine)

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