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The Entertation Index: June 28

June 28, 2012

Cher — Pop music grandmother Cher announced this week that she plans to turn her career and music into an autobiographical Broadway show which will follow her career from a solo artist in the seventies to her work with partner Sonny Bono and her present day incarnation. So next time you’re in NYC, you can pay $178 dollars for a Cher show on Broadway, or you could just go down to Chelsea and pay a five dollar cover charge to find 5,000 drag queens who are more convincing and know her schtick and music better than she could ever remember it. Your call. Just trying to save you some money.

Link: Cher Planning to Write, Star in Autobiographical Broadway Show (CNN)

Kittens, Album Covers as Recreated by — From the “you just can’t stop looking at it” department comes today’s bit of sunshine for even the most jaded of music hipsters: classic album covers re-staged using kitty cats. Finally the two opposite ends of the web meet — fanboys and kittens. The internet has been completed, everyone!

Link: The Kitten Covers (Tumblr)

Ke$ha — “Tik Tok” singer Ke$ha took to her Twitter account on Tuesday to reveal a photo of her latest tattoo, written on the inside of her lower lip and reading simply “SUCK IT.” Sources say the musician chose that succinct phase because there just wasn’t enough room inside her lower lip to inscribe “I AM SUCCESSFULLY GETTING BACK AT MY PARENTS.”

Link: Ke$ha’s New Lip Tattoo (SF Gate)

Knockoffs, Movie — Ever wonder how the direct-to-video releases can get away with a movie like Snakes on a Train or Titanic II without copyright infringement? Or who actually watches those kinds of things? Turns out it’s a clever marketing trick that low-budget studios use in order to trick viewers into buying the wrong DVD. Check out the L.A. Times’ fascinating look into the strategy behind it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to return this copy of The Revengers, starring Robin Downing Jr. as Argon Man.

LInk: Movie Knockoffs are Chips off the New Blockbusters (LA Times)

Richards, Denise — Actress Denise Richards, who will be appearing on ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s new FX sitcom Anger Management, tells Rolling Stone that the former couple are “in a good place now” and “are like best friends.” When asked why the teaming seems to work, Richards allegedly told reporters that “it ‘s a great match: he’s an out of control madman and I’m a gullible idiot.”

Link: Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Come Full Circle (CBS)

Sheen, Charlie — See: Richards, Denise

Trebek, Alex — Popular Canadian and beloved game show host Alex Trebek was hospitalized after suffering a minor heart attack over the weekend. Thanksfully, his doctors say the 71 year-old is expected to make a full recovery and move on to the next round, where the money and prizes will double.

Link: “Jeopardy!” Host Trebek Suffers Mild Heart Attack (Yahoo)

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