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The Entertation Index: July 2

July 2, 2012

Adele – The “Rumour Has It” singer has announced that she is pregnant with her first child.  I don’t know about The Deep, but she been rollin’ in something, nawmsayin’?

Link: Adele Pregnant (NY Daily News)

Fists, The Man With the Iron – Did you ever wonder what Mortal Kombat would have looked like with Wu Tang’s RZA writing and directing?  Well, this trailer for The Man With the Iron Fists pretty much shows you.  As with all things RZA, this is probably NSFW.  Oh, and while we’re on the RZA train, you should check out his audition for the part of Leslie Knope on TBTS favorite Parks and Recreation.  (h/t to Paul the Geek).  Definitely NSFW.

Link: RZA’s Directorial Debut (IGN)

Lips, The Flaming – The Lips just eclipsed Jay-Z’s old record of seven shows in 24 hours by doing eight in the same time frame.  To count as a “show,” The Guinness Book of World Records says each performance must take place in a different city.  This knocked a disappointed Phish out of the running, who say they take dozens of trips at every show.

Link: Flaming Lips Best Jay-Z’s Record (Paste)

The thong: trusted confidante, or back-stabbing frenemy?

Mike, Magic – The stars of stripper movie Magic Mike opined on the movie’s main costume, with Matthew McConaughey saying, “It’s a huge leap of faith to trust a thong,” and Channing Tatum echoing that sentiment with, “Sometimes a thong completely betrays you.”  Joe Manganiello may have hit on something important, though, when he said, “It’s hard to take yourself seriously with an American flag thong on with a strategically placed sparkler on the end of it.”  This probably explains why the 112th United States Congress has accomplished so little after instituting Thong Mondays.

Link: Magic Mike’s Secret Weapon (People)

Sheen, Charlie – After parting ways with Two and a Half Men, Sheen has done disturbingly well with new FX show Anger Management, actually increasing viewership from 5.5 million to 5.7 million from the pilot to the second episode.  The only thing that gives me hope is to remember that the XFL did pretty well early on, too.

Link: Sheen’s New Show (EW)

TomKat – By now you’ve heard that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.  The upside?  Ridiculous political ads and frustratingly facile campaign analysis of the upcoming presidential campaign will now be the second most annoying media obsession for the next four months.

Link: TomKat Divorcing (Newsday)

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