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The Entertation Index: July 5

July 5, 2012

Bieber, Justin — Rapper “Big Sean,” as a gift of gratitude for being featured on singer Justin Bieber’s latest album, gave the Biebs a $30,000 ring to solidify their tight relationship. The jewelry was, according to the press, the first ring Big Sean (read: Sean) ever bought for himself after hitting it big. To return the BFF favor, Bieber created the equivalent of a mix-tape for the rapper by paying eighteen live bands show up at his house to perform songs that mean a lot to their friendship.

Link: Did Big Sean Propose to Justin Bieber? (AllHipHop)

Cruise, Tom — Rumors trickled out this week that Rock of Ages star Tom Cruise keeps his youthful appearance by an expensive beauty regime consisting of a hydrafacial made from powdered nightingale droppings, reportedly a “natural exfoliant” once employed by Japanese geishas. Sadly, it’s becoming age-old story these days: a struggling married couple broken up by the excessive financial demands of extravagant bird feces cosmetic upkeep. Who will think of the children?

Link: Tom Cruise Bird Poop Facial (HuffPo)

Enjoy this bird, Ann Curry. For it will be your last.

Curry, Ann — As if the Today Show’s recently unseated host hasn’t suffered enough, NBC President Steve Capus decided to pile onto her this week revealing that the reason she was dismissed from the co-anchor seat was because she suffered in “cooking segments” and “celebrity interviews.” Ironically, this was the same behind-the-scenes reason given for journalist Walter Cronkite’s sign-off in 1981. Curry’s last segment with dignity last week was “Five easy ways to your post-morning-show-career beach body.”

Link: Ann Curry Bashed by NBC News President Steve Capus (NY Daily News)

Lopez, Jennifer — The Latina bombshell’s reps are vehemently denying a recent article in UK paper The Sun alleging that the singer/actress can’t use the bathroom without first outfitting the toilet with her own “germ-resistent toilet seat” and that Lopez insists that her toilet paper be made of “the finest cashmere.” Lopez’s reps laughed off the story, reportedly posing the question “let’s be honest: do you have any idea how expensive this would be with all that Jennifer Lopez craps out?”

Link: Jennifer Lopez’s Toilet Seat (Gossip Cop)

Paquin, Anna — After news leaked this week that True Blood star Anna Paquin and co-star Stephen Moyer are expecting twins this coming fall, the British actress told women’s magazine Redbook that she and Moyer are excited about the news, explaining that she has a “side that’s very nesty.” Then she spent several hours fending off lewd tweets to her by adoring male fans by vehemently re-iterating : “Nesty! I said I was very nesty! With an ‘e!”‘

Link: Anna Paquin Talks True Blood, Pregnancy and Stephen Moyer (Redbook)

Trek, Star — A twenty-four foot long “shuttle craft” from the U.S.S. Enterprise originally used in the 1960’s Star Trek television series was auctioned off last week to an unnamed buyer for over $70,000. The buyer reportedly claimed he was excited about his new purchase, but worried if it will fit into his mother’s basement.

“Star Trek” Shuttle Brings $70,000 at Auction (NY Times)

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