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The Entertation Index: July 9

July 9, 2012

Borgnine, Ernest – The guy acted for over 60 years and boasts over 200 credited roles, including parts in Escape from New York, Airwolf, The Dirty Dozen, and Real Men Don’t Eat Gummi Bears.  He did everything from voices in kids’ shows to gritty crime dramas.  We’ll miss you, Ernest.

Link: Ernest Borgnine Dies (CBS)

Graziano, Renee – The Mob Wives star came home from a July Fourth party to discover that her home in Staten Island had been burglarized.  Police reportedly assured her they will do all they can to return the stuff that she rightfully stole from others.

Link: Graziano Burgled (TMZ)

This was a kid’s Make A Wish request. Awesome.

Hellboy – It could have been Spider-Man or Batman or even Catwoman, but instead, a kid named Zachary asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet Hellboy.  Ron Perlman and effects company Spectral Motion quickly agreed, and even helped Zachary become Hellboy.  That’s one cool kid.

Link: Hellboy Makes Kids’ Day (Facebook)

Miller, Sienna – The British actress has reportedly given birth, after talking vaguely to Vogue a couple months ago about her pregnancy: “Even though I’m under strict instructions not to say anything as it would completely defeat the point of everything I’ve tried to achieve in the last eight years…I’m feeling fine…It’s all progressing nicely and it’s very exciting.”  Maybe my reading comprehension skills are fading, but can someone tell me what that quote means?  What’s she been trying to achieve since 2004?  Who gave her the instructions?  Is her child actually a super-powered mutant, the result of some government experiment?  Pull back the veil, Sienna!

Link: Miller A Mom? (Us Magazine)

Pony, My Little – Geared toward male enthusiasts of My Little Pony, an event called BronyCon Summer 2012 drew huge crowds to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey last week. The full headcount is still being finalized, but this year’s BronyCon is expected to go down as the largest convergence of forlorn, 80s-fetishizing celibates since the 2005 Qbertpalooza.  (Thx to Lloyd)

Link: BronyCon (Yahoo)

Shore, Jersey – After her daughter was arrested for disorderly conduct for dancing in the middle of traffic, Deena Cortese’s mother said that the Jersey Shore actress isn’t always a party animal, and would eventually like to do “voice-overs for cartoons or be on a sitcom. I’m not just saying that, she’s got this very comedic way about her.”  Getting arrested for jumping around in the middle of a bunch of cars is probably not the best way to get started in that business.

Link: Dancing in the Parkway (NY Post)

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