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The Entertation Index: July 12

July 12, 2012

Batman — Physics students at England’s University of Leicester have determined, after much research, that Batman could not physically glide by using his cape as it would almost certainly result in a fatal fall to earth. The students state that if the superhero leapt from a 150-meter high building, the 4.7-meter  wingspan of his cape would only allow him to glide 350 meters, and would pick up too much velocity to remain safe. “What a bunch of nerds,” commented a 40 year-old convention attendee dressed as Batman.

Link: Batman Could Fly…But Then He’d Crash and Die (MSNBC)

Games, Hunger — Fans of Battle Royale The Hunger Games can rejoice that Lionsgate, the studio which brought us the first of the films, has announced plans for three more Hunger Games films — even though Suzanne Collins’ saga only consists of three books. The fourth of the movies, which has yet to be written, is expected to follow in the traditional vein of “third sequels” and feature actors Eric Roberts and Treat Williams fighting a CGI shark.

Link: Lionsgate Splits “Hunger Games” Trilogy into 4 Films (Oregon Live)

Lynch, David — Sources report that famously esoteric director David Lynch and his wife of three years are pregnant. The baby will be Lynch’s fourth, and sources say he’s already begun work on the child’s nursery, which will include a burning chair, two cats tied together, an empty flower vase and a small pile of rocks. Lynch says that when the child is old enough, he’ll understand what it all means.

Link: David Lynch to Become a Dad Again, at 66 (NY Post)

Parenting, Extreme — For those of you out there who still don’t have your own reality show yet, and perhaps are females who are currently breastfeeding a child who is societally viewed as too old to be breastfeeding, you’re in luck. TV producers are in talks with “several networks” for a program called Extreme Parenting, which will examine – among other things – the lives of unashamedly breastfeeding mothers with their children. Reps for Extreme Parenting are expecting to score big with their target demographic: males 21-35.

Link: New Reality Show on “Extreme Parenting” (Gather)

Condolences on your loss.

Pocus, Hocus — Negating a fast-spreading internet rumor making the rounds over the weekend that a sequel to the 1993 comedy Hocus Pocus — which starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi as singing witches — was in development, Disney representatives released the following statement: “The studio is not developing a sequel to ‘Hocus Pocus.'” If this is truly saddening news to you, I am very sorry that the only movie you have ever seen in your life was Hocus Pocus.

Link: “Hocus Pocus” Sequel Rumors are Unfounded, Disney Says (HuffPo)

Kat, Tom Minus — Okay, let’s send this whole, bizarre Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce thing — since Holmes is making so much money off the settlement that she’s never going to say anything about it, so you might as well stop hoping — off with a kiss and a bang. Here, website Ology has done an insane amount of research to collate one hundred interesting tidbits rumored and public over the years about Cruise and Holmes’ marriage. Look, you don’t care and I don’t either. But there’s no denying this is an absolutely fascinating and well-researched piece. I dare you to try to stop reading it.

Link: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Divorce — 100 Revelations and Moments You May Not Have Read About (Ology)

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