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The Entertation Index: July 16

July 16, 2012

Brown, Chris – The R&B singer’s album Fortune debuted last week atop the Billboard 200.  What a lesson, kids: you can be a violent, misogynistic piece of shit who makes crap hip-pop, and still make that dollar!

Link: Brown On Top (Billboard)

Carnival, Electric Daisy – If you’ve never heard of this music festival, understand that over 300,000 people flocked to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this year to watch hundreds of artists showcase electronic dance music.  Some detractors assert that this type of music is associated with young people doing illegal drugs (!), and should be closely monitored or even banned.  That’s in contrast to open-air Tom Petty and Jimmy Buffett concerts, where not a single illicit substance is smoked or snorted.

Link: CED Has Huge Turnout (Huffington Post)

Cora, Cat – The Around the World in 80 Plates star and celebrity chef recently took her mug shot after being arrested for a DUI 11 days earlier.  She reportedly told the officer that she had nothing to drink, but ate 475 bourbon balls while filming a new episode.

Link: Cora Mugs (People)

Latifah, Queen – The singer/actress stated last Wednesday on The View that she is “working on” adopting a child, something that she is “totally serious” about.  She also mentioned that she is going to start her P90X workout in the next couple weeks, and has been meaning to read all the Hunger Games books before she watches the movie.  She is also going to check Angie’s list and start calling contractors “soon” to redo the upstairs bathroom.

Link: Queen to Be A Mom? (SF Gate)

Leslie Nielsen died so that he could get out of doing Scary Movie 5.

Lohan, Lindsay – The internet is abuzz with rumors that Lindsay Lohan may be back on track with a “comeback” role in Scary Movie 5.  It has to be a little disheartening when the culmination of your three-movie comeback is a Scary Movie sequel.

Link: Lohan’s Back? (E! Online)

Rises, Dark Knight The – Christopher Nolan’s newest, and early reviews may indicate greatest, installment in the revitalized Batman series is sparking Best Picture Oscar talk.  Since the academy unfortunately doesn’t pick films like this (but will pick Crash and even consider Avatar), can we just have a “Christopher Nolan Is Awesome” Oscar that Christopher Nolan can win every year for being awesome?

Link: TDKR Oscar-bait? (Hollywood)

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